Toaster Ovens

So, like I said in the last blog, this summer has been busy. Just recently, my mom and her friend came to town and there was much sightseeing and entertaining to do. Then, while they were here, I spent 22 hours over a weekend moving into my new apartment. The remainder of that week was spent organizing the new space and cleaning the old space and then wooosh, it was off to Reno with my mom for a wedding. I got to Reno on Thursday, spent the night and then brunched in Tahoe, took some photos, drove into the desert with my family, took some photos, and then watched my cousin Selah get married. Not even thirty minutes after the vowels were exchanged atop the Reno Art Museum on Friday evening, I was on my way back to Portland to play in the LCP Softball Tournament the next morning.

For those of you who don’t know, LCP is pretty much one of the highlights of the summer. Not only is LCP fun because you’re playing softball for a whole weekend with a bunch of your friends, but you’re camping out and you’re partying the whole time. Well, maybe not the WHOLE time, but there is a good chance that anytime after 11am 90% of the population has a beer in their hands. As well, it’s a “ladies only” softball tournament, so there is a lot of well ... “ladies only” action going on (wink, wink). Thankfully though, I am a taken woman, so there are no big surprises there, but I always make it a point to take place in the naked slip and slide... cause well, you know... being naked is fun sometimes. Most of the time.

Despite all of that softball playing, beer drinking and naked slip and sliding though... I’d have to say that the highlight of the weekend was a conversation that happened on Saturday night during the beer relay races (yes, the beer relay races). Anyways, my GF Sam had just got done competing in the potato sack race and we sat down to watch the other competitors try their hands. Next thing I know this girl (lady I mean, about my age) comes over and taps me and Sam on the back. We’ll call her Suzan. The conversation went something like this:

Suzan: Hey... excuse me.

Me: yeah?

Suzan: So um... you two (mentioning to Sam and I) have been together for a while right?

Me: um... I guess so. Not like a LONG time, but you know...

Suzan: Well over a year though right?

Sam: Yeah... about a year and half.

Suzan: Oh, okay. Well... um... I just wanted to say hi and well... I see you guys a lot, at concerts and stuff. Like Brandi Carlile and the Indigo Girls, Chris Pureka, and well... I see you guys and you both look so happy and together and in love that you helped me realize that I was gay.

Me: (shock)

Suzan: That if you guys can do it and make it work, I can too. So yeah... I’m gay and I’m happy and well, now I’ve got a great girlfriend and so.... well, thanks.

Me: (still in shock) wow... um, well... congratulations. wow... that’s something.

Suzan: Yeah, I’ve seen you guys and I’ve wanted to say something for a while, but I had to get a few drinks in me first to get enough courage.

Sam: Well, thanks for saying something. That’s cool.

Me: Yeah... that’s great! Really, thanks for telling us. That's amazing. Oh, and btw...I like your plaid shirt!

So the conversation continued for a minute or so, we exchanged names and pleasantries and I told her that next time she’s sees us out at a concert or something... that she should come say hi. And, on behalf of Lesbians everywhere... welcome to the club. But really, wow, that completely blew me away. That someone could just be so inspired by seeing other people out and happy and in love, that they could decide that they want the same thing for themselves and overcome those obstacles that stand in their way. I mean, I imagine that that kind of thing does happen... but who ever really gets to find out that they helped someone come to that happy realization? There is the old adage in “lesbianism” that you get a “toaster oven” when you make someone gay. Well, based upon that I think Sam and I get a Viking Convection Oven. Hell, we didn’t even have to touch anyone, they just saw us and boom... gay.

Of course, I kid. That is pretty friggin amazing and it was totally the highlight of my weekend. Best of luck to you in your lady lovin Suzan!

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