Top Five Albums - Fall Edition

Want to know what I'm listening to this fall? Here are my five, some which are new this fall and others new to me this fall. Happy listening!!

1. Florence + The Machine, Lungs (original release: 7 July 2009; re-release with new additions: 15 November 2010): I'm really not sure how the harry I missed Florence in 2009, but, man, am I glad I found her. Take a look here at the simply phenomenal video for the single "Drumming Song." From beat to lyrics to vocal to video, this track absolutely blows me away.

2. Edie Carey, Bring the Sea (to be released 2 November 2010): Edie's latest album is very Edie, which is to say it's a solid album filled with personal, intimate moments wrapped around lovely turns of phrase.  Be on the lookout for her cover (with Shawn Mullins!) of Cory Chisel's "So Wrong for Me," which Edie makes even more hauntingly beautiful than Chisel's original.

3. Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs, God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise (released 17 August 2010): This album sounds like the perfect late-summer album. And it is, really. Songs like, "For the Summer" will make you wish those Most Perfect Summer Days You Never Wanted to End would come back, and LaMontagne makes them come back for you with his fantastic vocals and the Pariah Dogs great instrumentation.

4. The Roots & John Legend, Wake Up! (released 21 September 2010): It's dubbed a "set of socially conscious covers from the '60s and '70s" and like "The Fire" from The Roots' How I Got Over, it's absolutely incredible.  A version of the song "Shine" you can also hear in the acclaimed film Waiting for Superman.

5. Michael Franti & Spearhead, The Sound of Sunshine (released 24 August 2010): The world is going crazy. Crazy people are running for Congress. The economy just about everywhere is tanking. There's a cholera outbreak in Haiti and quakes still rumbling through New Zealand.  When the state of the world has got you a bit too down, put this album on. As the title suggests, amidst all the troubles in the world, there still are things to feel good about that will help get you through. A friend of mine sent me Franti's "Say Hey" from his album All Rebel Rockers and that totally got me hooked. But be wary of playing Sunshine around any of your hipster friends: they may just break out in hives from the, well, sunshine...

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