2010 in Review in Photos

Because pictures tell the best stories....

JANUARY: In a new short lived New Years tradition, I throw my halloween pumpkin off a bridge to represent heaving one's burdens and past into the abyss and welcoming a new year. I say this was short lived because while I wanted to continue this trend this past year, my pumpkin died a gruesome death in mid November after a particularly bitter frost.

FEBRUARY 10: 30th Birthday/Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony party! It's not every year that they fall on the same day, nor is it every year that a friend of yours from Australia comes to visit (Emma, the one with the wine next to the cripple in the cast). ;)

FEBRUARY 21: Sam and I celebrate our first Anniversary with snowboarding at Mt. Hood (where we first started going on unofficial dates) and a night at the Mt. Hood B&B, at Parkdale. All I gotta say is... awesome.

FEBRUARY/MARCH: Snowboarding Trip to Mt. Baker, WA with Sam, Amy and Julie... afterwards, Sam had the best fitted pair of snowboard boots ever created for man or womankind.

MARCH: Sam's birthday weekend in Bend, Oregon. Friends, TWO Brandi Carlile shows, snowboarding at Bachelor, hiking at Smith rock and a hot tub... what more could you want?

APRIL: Speaking of Brandi, Miss Carlile played an intimate show at Mississippi Studios and gave me a public shoutout mid set, thanking me for some awesome videos that I had shot there. Which, not surprisingly, was quite possibly the best moment of my life.

APRIL: Podiumed (for the first time) in my biggest race to date, the Cherry Blossom Cycling Classic Stage Race Criterium. Out of 36 women in the Cat 4's, I placed third. Not too shabby.

MAY: Traveled to Sweden to see my family's former exchange student Ulla get married. We also got to see Nikki (one of our other exchange students from Austria). My parents traveled on afterwards to then see Yvonne, one of our other exchange students in Germany. Overall, it was great getting to see some extended family and also spend time with my parents. It was my dad's first trip overseas.

MAY: On my way home from Denmark, I swung through Iceland to check out Eyjafjakkajokull, the volcano which had recently erupted a month prior. Sadly, air was still filled with ash from the explosion which meant that I couldn't really see it, but I did climb on a nearby glacier which was covered with ash from the blast. For the next day prior, everything I ate tasted ashy and my clothes were full of the stuff.

JUNE: Got the track bike built up and customized... levolovevelo fuck yeah!

JULY: 4th of July camping/surfing trip to the Oregon Mountains and Coast with Sam, Amy and Julie surprised us with being about 40 degrees and foggy. We still got some quality surfing in, but we wondered where our summer had gone to.

JULY: Oregon State Champ at last! I won the state in the Match Sprints for the Cat 4 women on the track. I placed 2nd in the 500mm TT by a mere one one hundredth of a second.

JULY: 2nd Annual Tour De Franzia. This event has got to be one of the highlights of my summer... copious amounts of boxed wine, friends in spandex, bikes, crazy contests and one fractured wrist.

AUGUST: Traveled to Reno to see my cousin get married. David made the trip in from Manhattan, mom from Oregon (she was hanging out with me) and Aunt Pat (who just passed at the end of December) from North Carolina.

AUGUST: the happy couple

AUGUST: Right after the wedding in Reno was over I hopped a plane to come back to the Pacific Northwest and help my softball team win some games and whatever it takes to make that happen.

SEPTEMBER: Another happy couple! Our friends Wendy and Natalie tie the knot in Seattle with Bumbershoot raging in the background and a Raise the Roof Brandi Carlile concert the following day. It was an awesome wedding and so nice to see so many friends from all over the country there. Hilarity ensued.

SEPTEMBER: After all the summer sporting was over, Sam and I took some time to get outdoors and enjoy some activities without rules and winners and losers.

SEPTEMBER: We also celebrating moving in together with our very own kegorator and a nice house party.

OCTOBER: Another cousin got married in Denver so Sam and I drove 20 hours to Colorado to see some family, meet up with my parents who brought a pair of seats from the old Cincinnati Reds stadium with them for me to bring back to Oregon. Also, another cousin of mine was brutally murdered in Florida a week prior so it was a good opportunity for family to get together and mourn and celebrate.

OCTOBER: ArtCrank Portland. This is the second year I've been participating as an artist for ArtCrank and every year it seemingly gets better and better. This year I loved seeing so many friends and familiar faces at the function.

OCTOBER: We had a group of friends get together each Tuesday night this fall at our house to watch Glee together. For the Halloween episode, we carved pumpkins, ate chili and enjoyed the episode. For the Christmas one, we even made Christmas cookies. These Tuesday night gatherings have been a highlight of my fall.

OCTOBER: For Halloween Weekend, we (a group of friends) all rented a house at Canon Beach and then drove up to Astoria to participate in the Cross Crusade Cyclocross Race. The race on Sunday was costume friendly, so Sam and I dressed up as Fuck Yeah factory workers in our matching overalls. Pretty much almost every weekend this fall revolved around a cross race. It was my first year racing cross and I can't wait till next year.

NOVEMBER: Wouldn't you know it... I ended up winning another OBRA medal this year! This was in the State Cross Championships for Women's Single Speed. It was a pretty competitive field and a really fun and challenging race.

DECEMBER: A friends Thanksigiving, this is turning into a nice little tradition too... a little friends, a little football and a whole lotta turkey.

DECEMBER: My friends and I celebrated Christmas Eve by climbing to the Palmer Glacier on Mt. Hood and snowboarding back down. It was a great way to start the holidays and also burn off some Christmas Cookies.

Here's looking to a great 2011!!!!

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