As the birds tweet, so do I…

Over the past six months I’ve become quite addicted to Twitter. When I began using Twitter it was purely for personal reasons and I checked it infrequently. As of late, Twitter has grown into quite a networking tool for me when it comes to my professional needs. I thrive on the “connectedness” of this social media tool. At any given time I can be connected to personal and professional contacts from around the world. This fascinates and boggles me.  It also troubles me…

Reflecting on the platforms that we used to connect with others back in the early 80s, it is amazing how far we’ve come in 30 years. I grew up talking on a phone that was connected to the kitchen wall and had about 20 feet of cord (no caller id, no call waiting, etc). Engrossed in discussions with my friends, I’d navigate through the kitchen and into the dining room – as far as the cord would let me travel. The cord always ended up a tangled mess that looked like a gigantic twisted knot.

Aside from the good old kitchen phone, we had face-to-face interactions or we would write notes/letters - passing them to our buddies in school, leaving them in lockers or actually mailing them to friends. The lost art of letter writing has become almost obsolete given the tremendously easy access that the internet has given us to those we want to communicate with. We have email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. There is no real need to write letters anymore. This makes me sad.

I still have letters written to me by my grandmother when I was in college. The content of these letters was more mundane and less earth-shattering revelation. However, I still am immediately overwhelmed with memories of my grandmother every single time I open those envelopes to read them – all these years later. Has the internet taken that away from us? Has our need to communicate IMMEDIATELY outweighed the less efficient, but oftentimes more meaningful “old school” letter writing?

TBA Readers, how many of you use Twitter or other electronic social platforms? How do you use them? Do you still write “old-fashioned” letters and use snail mail to communicate or has that gone the way of the dinosaur? Do we become more disconnected with those around us as we spend more time connected to our computer, Smartphone, etc?

TBA has connected me with so many amazing people from around this wonderful world and I am grateful for that. I can’t imagine not having all of you in my life. Has the internet compromised the true meaning/quality of friendship though? Or has it broadened how we perceive friendship? Has it helped cultivate relationships?  How has this electronic world impacted human interaction? Do the pros outweigh the cons?  Discuss.

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