Gotta Get My Glee On

So stoked for the Glee episode that will follow the Super Bowl. Have been watching teasers the past day or two.

Thought I'd share them here with my TBA Gleeks, in case you hadn't obsessively watched them yet.

A few comments...

1) Darren Criss is a dreamboat. I love watching Kurt watch Blaine when he sings...adorableness.

2) Not liking the Rachel/Puck pairing, but like this song.

3) Stoked to hear that Gwyneth Paltrow will be returning for a few episodes. SHE KILLED IT on her debut!

4) I am hopeful that Brittana will not go the way of the dinosaur because this is just...well...hmmm.

5) This Cheerios clip is OVER THE TOP, but I love Sue's comment at the end...wait for it.


If you want to join in on the Twitter TBA Glee chat, just post and put #thebuzzabout at the end of the post. I'll be watching and commenting.

Peace out, fellow GLEEKS!


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