Adele Sneak... Um, Listen!

It didn't really seem right calling it a "sneak peek" when it's not a matter of seeing, but hearing...

Adele's new album, 21, will be released in the States on February 22nd, but if you're like me, you can't hardly wait. Which is why I was incredibly excited to get the XPN member e-newsletter with a link to rsvp a spot at her Free At Noon show on February 4th at XPN in Philadelphia. I was even more incredibly excited to actually get a spot before it "sold out." And I swore to myself that I would not let an impending cold or my chapter revisions get in the way of me taking a drive to my beloved city for this even. It's Adele! It's free! The album might be there early!

I worked my tail off last week and battled my cold. And then Friday came and I got in my little car which hasn't been used much thanks to snow and ice and general grossness outside and I drove to Philadelphia.

Once I got there, I drove in what amounted to many, many rectangles trying to find a place to put said small car and actually get inside to see this short set that I had been so looking forward to.

You know what's coming, right?

Here, courtesy of the fine folks at XPN and NPR Music, is the set I listened to, rectangl-ing my way in vain, as I never got inside to actually see Adele. Or, well, perhaps more accurately, listened to when I wasn't beating a sailor for the prize of Most Colorful Language Ever Used in Quick Succession. However, I'd be remiss if I didn't offer a kind shout out to the two XPN guys who manned the parking lot and tried their best to find a way that I could abandon my car somewhat responsibly to high-tail it inside.

Enjoy Adele's mini set, and, if you have the album already: what do you think?!

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