New Music March

New between my ears this month, TBAers, is the latest release by one of our favorites, Natalia Zukerman, Gas Station Roses. The album is a most delightful blend of Natalia's bluesy vocals and roots-style playing with, of course, her Zlide, and help from folks like Willy Porter (who co-produced the album), Todd Sickafoose, Adrianne Gonzalez, Patty Larkin, and Garrison Starr, among others.

The underlying theme of the album is staying, and with the likes of "Brooklyn," "The Right Time," the rocking first single and title track (you can watch the official video), "Howard Hughes," and "Always," Gas Station Roses demonstrates a maturity of voice and sound that will undoubtedly cement a place in your Spring listening rotation.

Gas Station Roses, forthcoming on March 8th, and thanks to Natalia for bringing a few early copies when she played at Godfrey Daniels. Catch Natalia on tour this March with Garrison Starr. Those and more Spring dates available here on her website.

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