Some Randomness

  1. What did my fellow TBA Gleeks think of the latest episode of Glee (“Sexy”)? The scene where Holly Holiday and Brittana sang “Landslide” was achingly beautiful.

    Kurt’s “sex talk” with his dad was awkward, but refreshing to see getting some airtime on network TV. This particular episode seems to have resonated (more than others) with so many of its fans.

  2. Anyone else stoked about Daylight Savings Time? I hate losing an hour, but it is so worth the extra daylight at the end of the day. I need more sunshine in my life!

  3. Spring is just around the corner. It is such an amazing thing to watch unfold. Tiny bits of green begin to peek from under the brown dirt. Snapped this picture on the State Capitol grounds while we were in Harrisburg to see Carolina Chocolate Drops at Appalachian Brewing Company.

  4. Looking forward to Brandi Carlile’s Live at Benaroya Hall to be released in late April/early May. I was fortunate to be at this symphony show in Seattle last November. The arrangements for the Seattle Symphony were done by Paul Buckmaster - best known for his orchestral collaborations with Elton John.  Check out this video (from her 2008 event with the Seattle Symphony) of Brandi’s cover of “Sixty Years On” using the original arrangements. It’s beautifully haunting. P.S. Our very own Levo shot this video!

  5. Cayamo was beyond description! So much good music, paired with the warmth of the Caribbean sun in the middle of February… was almost more than I could stand! Highlight of the cruise was the last night’s co-bill show with Brandi Carlile and The Indigo Girls.

  6. The devastation from last week’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan continues to haunt me. The videos and photos are shocking…hard to find words. I did manage to read about an amazing rescue. Read about it here.

In closing, I want to know if you think this might be the most adorable dog in the entire world – I may be biased.  It is Ranger aka “Girth Brooks” aka “Beanus” aka “Ranger Ricky Martin” and many more embarrassingly silly nicknames.

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