Denny Still Lives, but I digress...

Golden Globe Awards:

My GG award goes to Tracy Morgan for best acceptance speech for 30 Rock and for (my girl) Tina Fey for her acceptance speech for winning best acting in a musical or comedy.

Rock On, 30 Rock!

No more mouse?

Microsoft is pushing a similar technology to Apple's I-Phone, touch sensing screen.

Microsoft is gambling that consumers would prefer to control their PC'S with finger gestures rather than pointing and clicking a mouse. Touch screens aren't useful for all PC applications.  It's likely they will never replace keyboards, which are more efficient for entering text.

Bernie (good old boy) Madoff:

Bernie Madoff continues to live in his $7 million dollar Manhattan Penthouse. Investors are outraged who have been clamoring for Madoff to be sent to jail for allegedly carrying out the largest financial fraud in history. Madoff is free on bail despite distributing assets that could be used to help repay investors who lost billions.


Richard Belzer of Law and Order is very upset with NBC'S idea to run Jay Leno's show weeknights at 10 pm next season. Belzer calls it the act of a desperate network. Belzer stated,"Jay Leno, of course, is going to be on every night, meaning that thousands of people will be out of work, actors, producers, writers, wardrobe people".  WOW!

W's legacy:

Let's see, where should I begin...

Record budget deficits

A tanking economy

Record job loss


A war costing half a trillion dollars (I can't even count that high)

Thousands of lives lost, not to mention the wounded

A sullied global image

An inept response to Katrina

Erosion of America abroad


Wire tapping

Wall Street

His opposition to embryonic stem cell research

Immigration reform

The Decider wound up spending like a liberal Democrat. Bush never vetoed a spending bill.

His stubbornness is famous

I'm so glad he didn't invest my Social Security in the stock market

Is it any wonder someone through shoes at him?

What can I say............Mission Accomplished (1.20.09)!

A great Tony Auth political cartoon today:

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