New Music: April

Let's say you're a duo from Seattle and you want to make a record. But you don't want to do it in a studio because you want it to sound as natural and as intimate as possible. You want your audience to feel like they're there with you, right in front of you, listening to you, not chatting or not-so-surreptitiously wondering how their recording is coming out or ordering drinks to try to catch someone's eye.

Then you're Kristian Garrard and Luke Berman, who make up the band Thousands.

Their forthcoming album, The Sound of Everything, couldn't be more aptly titled: Garrard and Berman take the everyday sounds of the Pacific Northwest as the backdrop for this album. Recorded sometimes quite literally out of doors in abandoned silos and barns, stairwells, state parks, and along the Oregon coast, The Sound of Everything takes the phrase 'natural sound' to new places, incorporating the organic into the artistic to weave together layers of sound amid Garrard and Berman's excellent harmonies.

The Sound of Everything, from Bella Union, will be released in the U.S. on April 26th.

You can catch Thousands live in April in these select cities (with more dates to follow!):

22 April: Rock Shop, New York City
23 April: First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia
24 April: Toad, Boston
27 April: Rockwood Music Hall, New York City
29 April: Crocodile, Seattle

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