BHIMBGO (Bloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old)!

Has anyone noticed how penmanship skills are being slowly erased in a typing and texting age? School students have trouble spelling and witting a paper.

ATAB (Ain’t That A Bitch), ADBB (All Done Bye-Bye)


Don't preach to the choir!

Former evangelical pastor Ted Haggard's wife said she knew about his same-sex attraction for years. After a male prostitute went public, Haggard confessed to "sexual immorality". In recent days Haggard also admitted to an "inappropriate" relationship with a 22 year old church volunteer. On a recent Oprah show, Pastor Ted stated, “I am a heterosexual with issues.” (Issues, yes!) Remember all the years Haggard preached about the evils of homosexually? Join the rest of the hypocrites Teddy boy!


Denny’s Dead, Again.

Praise all that is right in the world of television! I believe we saw the last of Dead Denny in last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Of course, prior to February sweeps, Grey’s left us with a cliffhanger. Is Izzy sick? I think the seriousness of her illness depends on how badly she wants out of her contract.


Come Fly With Me

Citigroup received 45 billion dollars in federal bailout money (our money) and what do you think they did with it? You're right if you said they went and bought a 50 million dollar corporate jet (from France). They canceled the jet a day after a New York Post report outed them.


Find my helmet, I know I can ride a Segway!

Mall Cop has grossed 64.8 million dollars in two weeks and appears on its way to surpass one hundred million dollars. If Kevin James can have that much fun riding around the mall on a Segway I know I can too. I can't wait to pass all the seniors and teens on my new ride, just have to decide what color I want.


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