Third Time's A Charm?

The third season kicked off with “Purple Piano Project” and promised to go back to basics – focusing on the core characters more and toning down the “guest stars” and extravagant musical numbers that were less about the storyline and more about the ratings.

The gang’s version of “We Got the Beat” rocked.

Santana is kicked out of New Directions. I am sad. Not enough Brittana (or Santittney) for me.

Blaine transfers to McKinley and embodies Tom Jones in his rendition of “It’s Not Unusual”. I miss his nifty navy Warblers blazer, though.

Then there are some new students at McKinley:

Not sure about the introduction of the Sugar Motta, a student with Aspergers. Will have to wait and see how this character evolves/unfolds. For right now, I am put off a bit by the fact that she dismisses her rudeness/inappropriate comments as “Aspergers”. We work so hard with our students (in the school where I work) to help them learn to have basic social skills so they can make friends and keep friends. Using “Aspergers” as an excuse to be rude doesn’t sit well with me…for now.

Quinn’s turn as a “bad girl” makes pink the new black…plus, she’s sporting a nose ring.

And, I loved the ensemble’s performance of “You Can’t Stop the Beat” – Hairspray rocks!

I am Unicorn or am I bi-corn? The second episode remained true to its core character development and the storyline – for the first time in a long while – seemed more cohesive and relatable and less “sensational”.  The characters had more dimension and seem more rooted in the storylines.

So great to see Idina Menzel return as Shelby Corcoran – and she brought baby Beth with her. Plus, she and Rachel sang “Somewhere” and my heart melted a little:

Overall I am digging Season 3…the return to “basics” and focus on character development may be lower on “sensationalism” and extravagant productions, but I think we’ll come away feeling more connected.

Just my two cents…

So, Little Hens and fellow TBA Gleeks, what do you think? Do you like the direction that this season is headed?

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