As Thanksgiving nears and I reflect on the blessings of the past year, I want to say “Thank You” to my family here at The Buzz About. Since I first posted in January 2009 I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of you in person and/or virtually via this amazing “interweb”.

I’ve received comments from a middle school soccer coach whose team follows me here. I have corresponded with an elementary school class whose teacher encourages them to ask me questions about my hens. When I attended the Glee Live 3D movie preview this August I tweeted live as a group of young girls followed along at a sleepover they planned around the event. So fun and sweet! I’ve heard from folks all over this wide world. For this I am so very grateful. Whether our relationships are cultivated face-to-face or through the internet, know that I value your feedback and feel so grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to share my randomness with you all.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared pictures of the hens with you all so I’ll take this opportunity to introduce our new red hens – including this gal who enjoys roosting on our 6 foot fence as she nibbles on berries from our neighbor’s bushes.

We got 4 of these pretty girls back in June 2011 at 3 days old and they’ve just started laying the most beautiful small brown eggs. They RULE the backyard. Cooper and Ranger, our mini dachshunds, are often targets as the hens LOVE to sneak up on them and pick their tails. Cooper often watches dutifully from our sunroom – making sure the hens are behaving themselves.

In other news, my paternal grandmother, affectionately called Maminnie by all who knew her, passed away on November 9th at age 94. I flew home to Georgia for her funeral and had the chance to reconnect with many of my distant relatives. Maminnie was one of eleven children. I can’t imagine what it was like to grow up with that many brothers and sisters. Seeing her surviving siblings at the funeral reminded me of how grateful I am for family. Of Maminnie’s siblings, Aunt Bessie, Aunt Clifford, Aunt Ellen and Uncle Jack remain – all in their late 80s-early 90s. I will miss Maminnie more than words can express. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

On a completely different note, I went to Nashville this weekend to see friends and attend Brandi Carlile’s headlining show at the Ryman and her debut on the Grand Ole Opry radio show on Friday.

Below are a few highlights that I think you’ll enjoy:

Brandi singing “Ghost” (Indigo Girls cover):

Brandi Carlile and Band singing “Raise Hell” – their debut on the Grand Ole Opry radio show:

Yesterday, before we flew back to Philadelphia, we drove south of Nashville, along the Natchez Trace. It’s a beautiful area and we fell in love with the rolling hills. Historic Franklin (TN) was another favorite spot and had some great restaurants and shops and felt a bit like Mayberry – all while being only 30 minutes from downtown Nashville.

Switching gears (again), I’ve been impressed with the Santana storyline on this 3rd season of Glee. Naya Rivera (who plays Santana) has really shown her singing and acting chops with some pretty intense scenes. The latest episode has Finn “outing” Santana after her relentless bullying pushes him over the edge. I literally gasped out loud when he did that. NO PERSON DESERVES TO BE OUTED – ever. While Santana’s bullying has intensified as she grapples with her identity, she in no way should be “forced out” by anyone. I follow Dorothy Snarker’s blog and she explains it perfectly, in my opinion. Read her post here: http://dorothysurrenders.blogspot.com/2011/11/out-of-this-world.html and let me know what you think.

And, while it is always a treat to have Idina Menzel on Glee, I find the Puck/Shelby storyline and the Quinn/Shelby adoption drama too forced. Just sayin’.

OK, friends…I suppose I should sign off for now. Know that I am grateful for your support and comments. Keep ‘em coming. You can even email me directly here on TBA. Simply go to the “Contact” section.

I hope to post more consistently. If I don’t, feel free to remind me.

You know how an ADD gal like me can get distracted.

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