Merry Everything. Happy Always.

A friend got a holiday card with those four words on it. I love it. The
sentiment sums up what I believe year-round.

 As 2011 comes to a close take some time to reflect on all of the people in your
life and all of the blessings you have been given...not just during the
holidays, but EVERY DAY.

I am a regular reader of POSITIVELY POSITIVE. I know you are all stunned by this
revelation. Their blogs are uplifting and engaging. The blog for today is titled
"Your Presence is the Ultimate Present":

In a season where materialism/greed get the best of so many, I challenge you to
take the time to be recognize that the greatest gift we all can
offer to ourselves and others is the gift of truly being "present".

See the good in everyone.
Be thankful.
Be patient.
Forgive others and forgive yourself.
Be present.

Family and friends are a blessing to me - including you,TBA "little

And, no holiday is complete (in my house) without a rendition of this classic

1980s holiday anthem:

Looking forward to what 2012 has in store for us all.

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