Grammy 2012

Gearing up for the culmination of the year of Adele, Grammy producers, fans, and musicians' attention was refocused. Whitney Houston's death was announced on the eve of the 2012 Grammy Award Ceremony.

Two incredible voices of their generations, Adele and Whitney Houston shared Grammy night. Some Adele fans are too young to realize the power of Whitney's voice, presence, and record sales. Tweeners exist, that is, what I term Whitadeles. We remember singing along to Whitney when we were ten, and now approaching or in our thirties, we are adult admirers of Adele.

Adele swept the night, matching Beyonce's record for most Grammys in one night by a female artist.

A quick rundown of the night:

Bruce Springsteen started the night off with a rousing E Street Band performance.

It was a night of Idols, American, that is. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Hudson all delivered powerful performances.

Foo Fighters reminded viewers of real rock, and deservedly picked up a Grammy.

Chris Brown took advantage of vocal reinforcement as he hopped around like Qbert.

Rihanna delivered a rousing performance, and easily knocked Qbert off of a cube.

Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt  paid homage to Etta James in style. A terrific pairing for a fitting tribute.

Nicki Minaj' s performance was theatrical, bad theater at that, and lacked a strong vocal of any kind.

Maroon 5 and Foster the People honored the Beach Boy's 50th anniversary. Kudos to Foster the People for a great take on "Wouldn't it be Nice."  Surviving members of the original Beach Boys, notably Brian Wilson,  reunited for "Good Vibrations." Nicely planned, and who wasn't bopping along to the classic sound?

The Band Perry and Blake Shelton kicked off a tribute to Glenn Campbell, but it was Campbell himself that infused the tribute with life, as he sang "Rhinestone Cowboy."

Katy Perry, complete with blue hair, showed off her pop chops and performance skills.

Bon Iver won for Best New Artist. One point for the Independent Community! Justin Vernon, the band's frontman,  used his time on the Grammy podium to thank "all the non-nominees who never will be here." He reportedly declined to perform at the Grammy Award Ceremony, leaving performances to the pop set, including the favorite for Best New Artist, Nicki Minaj. While at times awkward, Vernon delivered one of the most memorable acceptance speeches.

2011 was the year of Adele. She delivered an amazing performance of "Rolling in the Deep" before picking up the last of her awards, and the night belonged to "the voice." Great songwriting and pure vocal prowess triumphed.

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