Too long

Too Long...

It has been entirely too long since I posted at TBA. I apologize to all the
Little Hens who have been wondering and waiting patiently.

Here are a few things that have been on my mind since 2012 rolled around...

1) I forgot how fun Disney World is.

Just spent President's Day weekend with my family (12 of us in all) at Disney
World.  Growing up in GA my family went to Disney/Florida pretty regularly. I
took it for granted back then.  As an adult, I have come to appreciate The
"magic" that it brings. Spending that time with my family, including 3 nephews
and nieces, was priceless. Making memories...

2) The death of Whitney Houston was a shock, but not that surprising given her
struggles in the past decade.  We never really expect people who admire to die
suddenly...even when we, deep down, know that it is a part of the deal. No
amount of planning or foresight can prepare us. Whitney grew up in the her life (the good, bad and ugly) as we watched it unfold.
Ultimately she was surrounded by friends and family who might have enabled her
in an effort to protect her. She was an addict and that disease ruled her life.
Celebrity can be a viscous thing...yet, we fuel the fire by watching
Entertainment Today, reading People magazine and speculating about people we
know nothing about. I am guilty of being a part of that spectacle...

3) Holy moly. That Glee winter finale was INTENSE! I cried 3 times. Some of the
episode felt like a PSA, but most of it resonated with me...even as a Gleek that
doesn't fit the typical demographic of Glee fan. Now we wait seven weeks to find
out how things end up. Oh...and Brittana finally got a proper still not
pleased at the double standard going on in Glee. That is for another post,

4) I have some fun concerts lined up this Spring:

The Head and the Heart
Amy Ray
Ingrid Michaelson
Alabama Shakes
Brandi Carlile (and others) at the NonComm convention
DMB (Brandi Carlile opens)

Finally...I've missed you all. I am hoping to do better and look forward to
hearing what you've all been up to so far in 2012.

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