I Come from the Land of Tacos

I feel like it’s the first day of school and in my mind I’m dressed to impress in my favorite new outfit so you’ll size me up and notice I at least tried to match. Luckily, my weakness is honesty, so I’m in pajamas. They don’t match, even in the least. I also currently have one nail painted blue. It was a compromise made with a 9-year-old, one that I keep forgetting to remedy.

Last night I even sported it at a work mixer- I was ‘that’ girl.

Since this is our first meeting, I feel it’s important that you know I toast my bagel, then put it in the freezer, then put on the cream cheese. You know, just in case we ever meet and you offer me a bagel. Also, I’m one of four kids, and absolutely own my ‘middle child syndrome’ (when it’s convenient). I’m a co-owner of a just birthed company (Moxie Social Media and PR) that has currently taken over my life. When I was working on my advertising degree, I was a nanny, and still do a few hours for a couple of families.

I may not be ready for kids of my own, but I will never tire of hearing a random and innocent ‘I love you’, and having someone to play princess with me sans judgments (people in their late 20’s look at you funny if you ask). It’s hard to let her have the good crown, but I still wear the busted one proudly. I just pretend my princess likes to climb trees and kick it at the pub. I bet you’d rather be friends with my princess and I can’t blame you. On the music front, I usually have one song that I get obsessed with for the week. This week it is Other Lives’ “Black Tables”.

All of their music is gorgeous; this one just sucked me in. I’m listening to it right now, so I’m about to wrap up and work on my interpretive dance. It’s not going to be great, so be glad there isn’t video.

Smile at a stranger, it’ll confuse them.

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