It's not Cheating if it's Your Choices, and there's Muffins.

This straight girl has a pretty serious girl crush on Sarah Jaffe.  Below was our Christmas card. Just kidding, the real story we’ll delve into in the music part at the end below.

I think my auto correct on my iPhone is in cahoots with the kind of people who write a check out for $2 (if you’re one of those people, please, please stop).  Just now I told someone to “UFC your life”.  How did “live” become UFC? That’s a pretty aggressive statement, but maybe my phone knew she needed something a little bolder. The most embarrassing one that keeps happening, there’s just no coming back from. After two years of saying “bahaha!”, my phone is now changing it to “banana!”. No, I’m not overly excited about fruit, and I think saying ‘banana’ instead of ‘bahaha’ makes me look deranged (which is supposed to be a secret).

We’re having a rare cold and rainy day in Texas.

Every once in a while it tries to play copycat to the PNW, but I’m onto it’s game. I appreciate the effort, but nothing beats the PNW.  The problem with this weather is we all use it as an excuse to stay in pajamas all day while Texas mothers, deprived of getting to do cold holiday doting, decide it’s the perfect time to call and ask if you want tea, coffee, hot milk, or burnt muffins.  On the flip side, when I was in Portland two weeks ago, Natalie and I saw the sun come through the window and we made a mad dash for the front porch and the 15 minutes of sunshine we scored.
One of my sister’s old best friends from high school is the global public relations director for a major company and is now in possession of my resume. I never, ever, saw myself living in LA, but if something opens up, I think I’d take the leap.  Really, a dream situation would be doing an advice column, except I have no schooling in therapy, and would love it for the mere fact that I like to give my opinion. I decided 2012 is the year I don’t say ‘no’ to anything. So far it’s treated me pretty well. Let’s remember that it’s generally within reason, and I have a clause in the contract I made with myself about guys; to say “no” if he’s being creepy. Having a fake contract with yourself is really convenient when you want to put in clauses.  I’m considering putting in one about not being ashamed that I’m in my mid 20’s and watching iCarly. We’ll see, but I’m being pretty agreeable with myself, so it’s going well.
This coming Friday, a social worker is coming to observe one of the moms of a kid I babysit for. It’s for the adoption process of the non-birth mother.  I am so excited for them, and even more excited that she’s coming early to ask me questions about them.  Two of the most giving ladies I’ve ever met in my life. If everyone was like them, the world would be a better place, and people like me, sarcastic to the core, would have nothing to be sarcastic about, instead we’d become deep hearted crying fools.  We can’t have that, can we? But my adoration for them is immeasurable, and I get to put that on public record. It seems silly, but it’s a huge deal to me. 
On to… MUSIC. I’m really torn about which to write about. They’re both from Texas, both have great music, and the one that I met was awesome, so we’re going to do two. One is the soundtrack for a movie, so it’s not really cheating too much.
First off, an indie movie, filmed in Dallas by friends of friends, called “Between Notes”.  Every single song on the soundtrack is beautiful (“Proven me Wrong”- gorgeous), and features David Ramirez; an incredible artist still trying to make it ‘bigger’. He writes amazing music, basically the entire soundtrack.

A song I love, that they also made a video for, is “Argue with Heaven”.

This last artist is a constant girl crush, and has been since I went to college in the tiny town she calls home and where I first heard of her. She’s just now starting to bust out, which makes me so excited for her, and people who appreciate gorgeous music. She’s best known for ‘Clementine’, but I’ll probably post a different song. When I saw her in concert she was splendid, and I’m seeing her in Austin again this spring. Not only that, she’s a good sport. I didn’t want an artist awkward posed photo, so we did a bunch, and I’d shout out a situation and we’d make a face for it. She’s beautiful, super talented, and I can’t wait until you hear her if you haven’t.

Sarah Jaffe “Vulnerable”:

Sarah Jaffe “Better than Nothing” :

Also, a moment where my heart literally stopped beating at her Austin show: Sarah Jaffe “Come Thou Fount”:

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