The 'Hunger Games' Soundtrack, AKA: Why I Get No Sleep

Down in Texas I just laid out and got a tan. Yes, a tan. Our winter here was really spring, I figured instead of pointing out the obvious (Texas has seasonal identity issues) I’d take advantage of it. That, and I have a slight obsession with the “Hunger Games” soundtrack that is literally keeping me up at night. I reason with myself “one more song…then bed”, but it always works out to a repeat, and just one more.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the movie, and the books. While I have yet to read the books (yes, I want to, I think movies are so much better that way), for the first time I didn’t judge the people who were crazed enough to go to midnight showings. Let’s be honest, this could be about a lemon dictating China and I’d be okay with it so long as I don’t have to hear “Twilight” anything.

For the soundtrack, I originally had an adverse reaction to the idea that Taylor Swift was leading on the main tracks. Don’t get me wrong, piece of cake, sweet as pie, I think she’s adorable, but give me a powerhouse voice. I need one I can’t imitate in the car or shower and think “nailed it!”, I should think “glad no one heard that!”. Oh then The Civil Wars, the blessed, gorgeous, Civil Wars made that song smack me in the face. I would tell you how many times I’ve listened to it, but that would require admitting something embarrassing, and you'll have to buy me a drink first.

“Safe & Sound”, Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars:

This soundtrack flows so well, even though listing Arcade Fire on an album with Miranda Lambert looks like something they should apologize to us for. No doubt there were lots of people thinking “Secret Sisters”…who? I’d like to think they were insanely pleased when they heard the song. If someone wasn’t, you better lie to me, because “Tomorrow Will Be Kinder” is perfection.

“Tomorrow Will Be Kinder”, The Secret Sisters:

While I’d love to go through every song, I don’t want to deprive you of going and just listening for yourself. I figured we’d try a speed run through:

1.     “Abraham’s Daughter”, Arcade Fire
    -Drum line type drumming? In. Paired with the floaty vocals and guitar, it’s almost not fair to other songs.

2.     “Tomorrow Will Be Kinder”, The Secret Sisters
    -I don’t really need to repeat myself, right? I’m assuming you’ve looped that song through a good four times by now.
3.     “Nothing to Remember”, Neko Case
    -Thrilled about Neko Case gets some massive attention. I’m not sure where this’ll fit into the movie, but I’m not complaining. Every soundtrack needs it's vitamins.
4.     “Safe & Sound”, Taylor Swift, ft. The Civil Wars
    -Finally, some facial hair that I can get behind. Again, thank goodness this pair was put together.
5.     “The Ruler and the Killer”, Kid Cudi
    -Is it fair to say when I listen to this my flower hair pin suddenly thinks it’s a skull bone pin? I love it, but that’s because I love all kinds of random music. I suggest picking up your mother and playing this while wearing red lipstick. It’ll freak her out…allegedly.
6.     “Dark Days”, Punch Brothers
    -Slow, lovely, folksy…show me a fireplace, I’ll bring the snuggle blanket.
7.     “One Engine”, The Decemberists
    -Usually a big fan, I wasn’t exuberant about this as a choice on the album. Maybe that’s my bitterness that I haven’t gotten to see them in concert, but it may also be because I have picky taste and I didn’t think it was the best.  In the car, this would be a ‘skip’ song.
8.     “Daughter’s Lament”, The Carolina Chocolate
    -Holy old school barn dance, I love it. It’s really pointless to have a Texan critique anything in this genre, because chances are I’ve been driving on back roads to it before it. It’s definitely not going to be the most popular song, because it has a specific fan base, but it was a nice addition to the soundtrack. This is the soundtracks 'random uncle'.
9.     “Kingdom Come”, The Civil Wars
    -Is it even fair to the other bands on this soundtrack? Probably not, but I don’t care. Their talent is exhibited so well on this folksy track that I already want it to be my baby daddy.
10.     “Take the Heartland”, Glen Hansard
    -My angry hair pin is back, and I like it. So rough and gruff, I had a hard time believing it was him. This song is like a blind date gone right.
11.     “Come Away to the Water”, Maroon 5, ft. Rozzi Crane
       -Pleasantly shocked, like when I don’t burn whatever I’m baking.  Rozzi obviously made this track what it is, flawlessly blending in with Adam Lavine.
12.     “Run Daddy Run”, Miranda Lambert, ft. Pistol Annies
    -Again, country, not fair for me to share my opinion. You may as well ask if I like chocolate. I love the old school feel of the song though, a lot more old school country going on in this song- we’re talking someone ate some fried chicken after this.
13.     “Rules”, Jayme Dee
    -Never heard of this artist until this album, and already a big fan. I’m a lyrics junkie, and these are beautiful, and amazingly sung.
14.     “Eyes Open”,  Taylor Swift
      -Beautiful song, but where’s our powerhouse? GIVE ME A POWERHOUSE VOCALIST on this song (semi-sorry for type yelling).  I’ll still listen to it happily, but I’ll think the raw gut of it is missing every time.
15.     “Lover is Childlike”, The Low Anthem
      - The guitar, the haunting background, even with a tambourine, I am enamored with this song.
16.     “Just a Game”, Birdy
      - Reminds me a little of 90’s ballads, I’m eating it up. I’m looking forward to a rainy day so I can blast this in my car. There may be tears when I do, I don’t want to talk about it.
I need you to remember one thing, we can agree to disagree on any of these songs…except The Civil Wars. I might get feisty.

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