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I caught the Amesbury, Massachusetts-based The Brew, an indie-rock band two-thirds the way through a Triptych (more on that in a second), at North Star Bar in Philadelphia this past Friday. The band--Chris and Joe Plante (lead vocal & keys; bass, respectively), Dave Drouin (guitar), and recent addition Aaron Zaroulis on drums--has a sound that's improvisational rock pick-a-mix: sometimes classic rock, sometimes a bit of jazz, sometimes flat out jam, and always packed with infectious exuberance, which their Philly crowd soaked up.

About that Triptych: the band's latest project is a series of three albums released in relative short succession: A Garden in the Snow (November, 2011), which leads off with the soaring piano in "When Darkness Comes," gives the listener the band at its purest indie-rock form, with sharp instrumentalization and harmonies. The second album, Light From Below (December, 2011), was planned to be the heaviest of the three, with pulsing bass lines on percussion, bass, and even Chris's keys, on tracks like "Birds on the Window," "Lost," as well as the eponymous "Light." This is also a band who recognises their musical influences and roots and isn't afraid to take the music of their heroes and make it their own, as is the case on Light with their up-tempo cover of Led Zeppelin's "Going to California." Hard Enough To Break (forthcoming, April 2012), is rumored to be the band's homage to the golden days of radio, and surely will be an excellent final addition to the series.

Upcoming dates for the band include stops in Connecticut, Maine, New York, and Colorado, as well as a welcome home stop in Salisbury, MA in early April. Show information can be found at The Brew's site,

Like what you hear? To grab their albums, check out their Big Cartel shop.

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