Notes As Heartbeats

I found myself, not only eating too many carbs at lunch (another time we’ll hit that bullet…when I’m not full), but also lost in a daydream, brought on solely from music playing over the speaker in the restaurant.
I think it’s fair to say that we hold music dear to our hearts in a way that perhaps others (or as I call them, 'those in denial') don’t.  Enough to seek out unknown bands, songs not played on the radio, and the camaraderie of admitting that maybe, just maybe, that Rachael Yamagata,  “You Won’t Let Me”, song made us cry in the shower when we were fighting with a friend, and shattered our tough façade (….uh allegedly).  Maybe, put to music, it has a conversation with our heart that words can’t compensate for…again, allegedly.  So…the weather has been nice, huh?

Honestly, it wasn’t until I discovered Brandi Carlile that I realized Britney Spears didn’t have ground breaking lyrics (don’t argue with me about Third Eye Blind though, they were my jam). I suppose it’s like drinking wine coolers and cheap beer through college, then going on a business dinner and realizing you can’t even pronounce the wine on the menu because you’ve been so deprived of what was better. I started devouring singer/songwriters, annoying my roommates by following them with every new artist I found blasting on my laptop…I couldn’t help it.

Since music makes such a connection with a memory, I’m always enamored with the stories behind favorite songs, and why they are favorites. For example, my absolute, un-disputable favorite song is “Moon River”. To the point where I have yet to trust anyone enough to associate a person with it, for fear of tarnishing it. When I was younger, sometimes I’d catch my parents dancing to my Dad singing it in the kitchen on a random evening. It was the first song I learned to play on the piano, and the song I always sang to the kids I was a nanny for before they went to sleep.

The Honey Trees do it so flawlessly, it’s shameful the number of times I’ve listened to it.

Not just an artist you love, not just a song you’re currently enamored with, a song that owns a beautifully sad or happy memory- what’s yours? If you’re brave enough, why?

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