Spring has Sprung

Hello there, Little Hens!

First of all, thanks to the TBA reader who dyed an Easter egg for me last week!
So very honored.

And...now...5 random tidbits for you...

1. The long-awaited return of Glee left me feeling...well, meh. (SPOILER ALERT).
I really wanted more from the Quinn storyline. Instead, she is back at a school
(in a wheelchair) and all perky. I think the writers really missed an
opportunity to delve into this particular storyline. Maybe we will see more of
Quinn's struggle in subsequent episodes. Instead we, all the sudden, got a
Blaine-Fest episode as our first episode after our Glee draught. Was nice to see
some Brittana hand-holding, but neither girl spoke more than a few words. The
only carrot they dangled was Brittany's mention of a "sex tape"....WHAT THE
WHAT? And, they waited until the final minutes of the episode for Finn to
confront Rachel about her selfish aspirations. Finn, did you not know what you
were getting into with Ms. Berry? Will be interesting to see how that plot

2. The Alabama Shakes ROCKED my world on Monday night at World Cafe Live! The
energy at that show was INTENSE in the best of ways. I don't typically listen to
bluesy rock, but I LOVED this show! I urge you all to go to their show when they
are in your area. Their new album, while not fully capturing their intense live
show energy, is well worth a listen. Check out their performance of "Hold On" on

3. Brandi Carlile's first single from her upcoming release, Bear Creek
(6/5/2012), might be the best song she has written. It is available on iTunes
now. Give it a listen. Let me know your thoughts.


4. Did anyone watch the new NBC comedy, Best Friends Forever? Pretty funny
stuff. And, the nine year old Queenetta practically stole the show:


5. I am one book away from finishing The Hunger Games trilogy. I loved the 2nd
book and found myself physically gasping when some of the twists were revealed.
Can't wait to dive into the third book. I also heard that a different director
will take the helm of Catching Fire. Not sure how I feel about this news. What
do you think, Little Hens? Will this help or hurt the integrity of the story?


Until next time...enjoy Spring and let me hear from you! You guys rock!

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