I’ve been M.I.A.
Not even the kind that can wear polka dots at the Grammy’s and sing a rap song 9 months pregnant…though I’m not complaining about that.  The last thing I need are polka dots or a rap career (I don’t think my affection for cardigans and blazers transfers well into that scene).
So here’s a womp womp of a situation; old boss had a heart-attack at 42, leaving behind three young children. Also, my brother’s boss took his life Monday night, leaving behind a daughter near my age.
I’d be lying if I said it didn’t sober up my laughter.
My iPod this week has been a pathetic state of re-plays of sad songs. I learned one of them on the piano this morning, despite my adamant claims as a 7 year old that “MOM, I will NEVER use this in my life! Waste of time!!!” (side note:  I think giving your child music lessons, or even forcing them, is one of the greatest gifts you can give them for later in life). There are few things I love more than a piano to myself in a quiet room, so much so that I haven’t played for anyone in years, like it would put me in too vulnerable a state.
That being said,  this post is short with one simple song, and because of the simplicity of the piano part, an instruction video if you feel so inclined.
This week this song has been my calm:
The Fray, “Be Still”

The Fray, “Be Still” instructional

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