Valentine's Day

Years ago when I attended elementary school we celebrated Valentine's Day in class every year. The teacher would select a few students to make a mailbox. This was very exciting; first we would go to the corner store and try to get a suitable box for the mail. During recess we would work on decorating the mailbox. First we covered it with white paper, and then we would cut out red hearts from construction paper and paste them on the white paper. If we were lucky we would have some white, lace fancy cutouts to paste on the box. The finished box was beautiful and always sat in the front of the room near the teacher. Most of the students went to Woolworths 5 & 10 (remember Woolworths) to purchase a box of Valentine cards. We had a list of our classmate’s names and after school we would address a few cards each day. Placing the cards in the beautiful mailbox was very exciting. I always mailed a few cards each day to enjoy the mailing process and to spread it out. On Valentine's Day the students would separate the cards and a couple of students would deliver them to all the students (playing mailman) or as we say today (mail carrier). Some students received more cards than others, the girls seemed to enjoy the day more than the boys, but everyone had fun. When we arrived home we would go over every card reading and rereading them. We also delivered cards to our friends in our neighborhood, slipping them into their mailbox. This was a fun day in the middle of the dreary winter. I can still remember licking the tiny envelopes hoping they would stick.

Happy Valentine's Day to all, this is my tiny Valentine card to you and I didn't even have to taste the glue.

Till next time,


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