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I’m going to pretend the neighbor’s wood saw isn’t throwing off my music mojo of an afternoon. I don’t think I’m doing too great of a job considering I’m now looking for ‘angry’ songs in my iTunes.  Nature of the beast, and why does he need a giant wooden bunny?!
I know we talk big talk about gorgeous songwriters and songs, but I think an amazing applause should go to artists who are able to cover a song from another and completely transform it. I have one specifically in mind, but I’ll save that for last- I don’t (do) make the rules. I feel a power high coming on…just kidding.
#5) The Fray covering “Kiss Me”

They were able to strip the bubble gum from this song and bring an unexpected depth to simplistic lyrics.  By the way, no worries, I will kiss you, obviously.
#4)  Colbie Callait covering “Beast of Burden”

She took a good song and added some honey and milk.  Smooth, modern, and lovely. I really wish this was professionally recorded and released.
#3) Greg Laswell covering “Your Ghost”

I almost feel, sadly, as though the original doesn’t hold a steady hand to Greg Laswell’s haunting and heavy version.  When he sings it, I ‘feel’ it. With the original, I just ‘heard’ it.  Also, 10 extra points for a deep, swoon worthy, voice.
#2) Brandi Carlile covering “Hallelujah”

First, confession time; hearing her sing this song quite literally changed me.  Her concert was the first one I went to for a singer/songwriter.  It was in a tiny club in Houston that I decided I would definitely need a tetanus shot following. I had come from my Mammaw’s funeral, and while the whole show was fantastic, when she came out alone, with a spotlight, I was done for. She started singing this song and everything was frozen, I was completely hypnotized. When she sang the final hallelujahs, only then did I realize I was crying in a public place… with beer in a plastic cup next to me. I understand that Buckley also does this song very well, but for me, personally, anytime I hear any version but BCB’s, I crave it and have to listen to it.  This is #2 not because it lacks my favoritism, but simply because #1 is such a transformation.
#1) Greg Laswell covering “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”

You know when you see a ‘happy shiny people’ photo from someone’s vacation, but it’s actually incredibly sad because you see pain in their eyes instead of the fake smile? He was able to cut down this song to it’s core and completely re-set the tone of it. This song went from a campy anthem of girl freedom to a painful longing. Complete brilliance.
I’m sure there are many, many I’ve missed. Talk amongst yourselves, let’s hear them!

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