This Buzz For You: Bronze Radio Return

When I caught up with Bronze Radio Return in March in Philadelphia, the first thing I ever said to anyone about them was, "I think they're making my pants vibrate."

BRR's--Chris Henderson (lead vocals & guitar), Bob Tanen (bass & vocals), Rob Griffith (drums & vocals), Patrick Fetkowitz (guitar & vocals), Matt Warner (keys & vocals), and Craig Struble (harmonica, guitar, & banjo)--latest release Shake! Shake! Shake! sports an American roots rock sound that you'lll want to turn up. With thumping beats, thanks to Griffith's drums and Tanen's bass, infectious lyrics, and strong harmonies, the album is 40 minutes of pure fun you'll want to play over and over again.

Opening in the vein of classic rock rockers Credence Clearwater Revival or more recent roots rockers The Stone Foxes, "Down There" is an inviting track with a bit of a throw-back sound that's a great setup for the tracks that follow. That BRR is a band invested in its listeners having fun is evident in the album's title track, which also offers a good glimpse into what seeing BRR live is like, where Henderson sings "Forget yourself / This room is hot but we can make it hotter with your help / I'll dance with you / We'll dance together until everybody's moving too / Everybody moves"--it's just impossible to sit still during this song and you will forget yourself and move along to the beat. On "Rough Town," "Broken Ocean," or "Wonder No More" you hear what BRR does so well: strong playing (notably Tanen's bass on "Broken Ocean") and vocals (with the addition of their friend and Oklahoma native Sherree Chamberlain on "Rough Town"'s harmony) that build to crescendo through a beat that pulses, but doesn't overwhelm, in the most perfect way. Lest you think all they do is rock, Shake! Shake! Shake! does slow things down at the end--the last track, "Sticks and Stones," shows a softer side of the band, a song driven more by guitar and vocal harmonies than drums. It's an obvious aural departure, but one that you won't dislike.

Shake! Shake! Shake! is available through iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon's MP3 download (and also Amazon UK--I checked!).

Early May finds BRR back in the mid-Atlantic, with upcoming shows at Lafayette College in Easton, PA; World Cafe Live Wilmington (DE); and BRR returns to Philadelphia at their World Cafe Live, where I'll be most excited to see them again.

For more info and to keep track of their summer tour dates, see:

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