Concert Buzz: Allen Stone

Adorned in a unique sweater, oversized clear plastic glasses, and his signature curly blonde stringy hair, Allen Stone delivered one of the most energetic R&B, bluesy soul performances I’ve witnessed in years at One Eye Jack’s in New Orleans, LA on May 3, 2012.

Artists often do not like to be categorized, e.g. folk, blues, singer-songwriter. “Music is music,” we always hear proclaimed. Allen Stone’s soulful vocals don’t define him as much as his energetic performance, and ultimate audience-performer connection.

Part revival, an Allen Stone concert is pure soul. Expect to be on your feet, and in the next moment sighing, swaying, and singing along in your seat as Allen woos with a cover of “Killing Me Softly.”

Visit Allen Stone’s website to listen to a track or two. Best of all for those in the US, Allen is touring nationwide. He is in Philadelphia at one of The Buzz About’s favorite venues (World Cafe Live) on May 7, and makes his way cross country to the West Coast in early September.

Find tour dates and have a listen at:

If music is known to heal, prepare to be cured at an Allen Stone concert. - The Buzz About

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