This past Friday I saw Sarah Jaffe at The Parish. She was amazing, but the place was stifling hot, and since she didn’t go on until 11 we made use of being on 6th Street in Austin.  That concert was a small reprieve in a week that seems to have been ruled by testing any strength I had.  Her song “Vulnerable” has been on a steady stream in my car, and maybe I accidently sang the beginning part a little too loudly, because she had to joke about it from the stage. No shame? This girl.
That concert landed in the middle of two major things; the death of my Granddad and the death of my parent’s pastor/my Dad’s good friend.
I’m sure you’ve seen “The Notebook”, and if you haven’t, you need to.  Even just the songs from way back, which you sometimes forget about, make an amazing soundtrack.  The last time I watched it was with my grandparents. My Granddad told my Grandmother that he would do that for her, and being that they were high school sweethearts and married 60 years, I had no doubt about it. He didn’t sing much, but he loved singing “I’ll Be Seeing You” to my Grandmother.  This week I’ve lived on that song.
This may be left field for some, but I always save voicemails to listen to them again.
While I know few of us ‘know’ each other, I know that everyone has lost someone they’ve loved.  If you have a special song with a special person you’ve lost that takes you back to them, I’d love to hear it.  I will forever think of my sweet Granddad every time I hear “I’ll Be Seeing You”. I thank God for music being able to express what words fail to do.

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