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Eric Hutchinson claims he's not cool. Or, at least the title of one of his songs does. But chock full of pep-y, pop-y, singer-songwriter-style folk, his sophomore release, Living Up Moving Down, is an earworm of an album, with its toe-tapping/head bopping beats, stylistic instrumental blends, and catchy melodies that proves otherwise. Think part energy and styling of Jason Mraz, with a bit of Brett Dennen and a dash of Mayer Hawthorne thrown in for good measure, and your ears are in for a treat.

Approaching his second album, Hutchinson knew he wanted to make a record full of songs with which people could sing along. To that end, Living Up Moving Down does not disappoint. It's first single, "Watching You Watch Him," has a catchy beat you can't help but tap a foot to, in spite of the lyrics themselves being painfully realistic, as well as a pretty sweet requinto jarocho solo. "Watching" is a good microcosm of what Hutchinson's album does well: forcing you to not take the pop sound superficially, as lyrical and instrumental layers show that this album isn't just another pop record like all the other pop records. "The Basement," inspired by Northampton, Massachusetts' own club of the same name, pays tribute to Hutchinson's own musical influences, complete with Tina Turner-esque shrill. Living Up Moving Down does slow things down, albeit only once, on "Breakdown More," the album's only ballad, for a nice change of pace before you get right back to the party.

The Moving Up Living Down tour continues throughout May and June across the U.S. Having caught Hutchinson's sold-out, all-ages show at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on May 6th, I can say that you won't want to miss him live, should he come to a city near you. It's great fun and good energy that's not to be missed--nor is bass player Andrew Perusi's really impressive hair. Trust me on that one.

For tour information, check out Eric's website:

Moving Up Living Down is available now on iTunes, across geographic formats.

Want more Eric Hutchinson? He sat down for a chat with TBA's own Lisa. Check back for that, and a bit of footage from his World Cafe Live show, soon!

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