Watching Home Shopping Channels

I have never, in all my years, purchased one item from any of the shopping outlets on television. I do, however, watch HSN and QVC occasionally. Something about Paula Abdul pitching jewelery, Marie Osmond selling dolls, or Suzanne Somers selling just about anything makes for good TV.

First, it's best if you watch the programs late at night. I'm a midnight viewer. By this time, just about anything goes as far as discussion. Not too long ago, Suzanne Somers was selling pajamas, and explained how she's worn the top as a dress. The folks at HSN quickly threw a belt around the model wearing the nightgown and presto - a dress. Aside from inventing her own sugar, the woman has created an empire. I love her, but not for the same reasons as her devoted fans. Visit the Suzanne Somers Empire. If only I would've purchased a Thigh - Master years ago.

Marie Osmond pitches her dolls on QVC. I don't collect things, so I am at a (dis) advantage right out of the gate. To be an Osmond, you must have more than ten children and frequent the same dentist. I don't know where you get those Osmond teeth, but perhaps Marie should pitch the teeth and see if QVC will bite. Once I shake my fasination with Marie's teeth, I wait for my favorite part of her show: the callers. One word: Heaven. Callers vary from obsessed "Donny and Marie Show" viewers, who will buy a doll simply to share a memory with Marie over the phone to the true doll collectors. I have my fingers crossed no doll collectors read my little rambling, as they scare the hell out of me. I watched Marie display her new doll, a tribute to Lucille Ball (in her "I Love Lucy" days). But for the red hair, I didn't see any resemblance.

Caller after caller praised Marie for this brilliant piece of work. The calls were wonderful to listen in on! One woman explained how she converted her dining room into a showroom for Marie's dolls. "When people walk into my house, one of the first things they see is over thirty Marie dolls." Well, TBA readers, it would scare the hell out of me to enter this women's house.

I encourage you to visit the Marie collection on line.

As for Paula Abdul's show on HSN...need I say more? Check your local listings.

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