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It's a bit disjointed to talk about Daniel Pearson's Satellites as a solid Americana singer-songwriter debut album knowing he's an Englishman from East Yorkshire. Raised on his parents fanaticism for Bruce Springsteen and coupled with his own love of not just my fellow New Jerseyian, but also Ryan Adams, The National, and the Counting Crows, Pearson, standing on his own two feet, excellently captures the sound of American folk in the 10-track Satellites.

Throughout, the album expresses an overall joie de vivre, and manages to show you the silver linings in moments of regret or nostalgia and even in a post-apocalyptic world that still manages love and beauty (you'll find that on "Waves In the Sea," a song that begins with a slowed-down guitar riff that's run backwards to elicit a haunting extended note you'll not want to miss). The first single, "Wishing Well," very much captures the feeling of enjoying your life, with Pearson imploring you to "Get busy living" to sounds of grovelly indie-folk-rock backing him. "4th July" starts with a Blues Traveler-like harmonica that is sure to please, while "Tracks" best encapsulates the Americana sound I think we all get in our heads when we think of the genre. This isn't to say that Pearson can't slow things down and give you the purity you'd expect from an acoustic performance: the album's opener "Masquerade," the aforementioned "Waves In the Sea," and the fantastically titled "I'm Swimming Through Ashes of Bridges I've Burned" all give you the intimacy you want from a live performance conveniently in your own speakers.

Pearson's debut is a must for fans of Americana folk that's increasingly pleasant to your ears with each subsequent track.

Satellites is available now in the United Kingdom, and is forthcoming July 9th in the United States and Australia.

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