Olympic Buzz

Holly lands interview, and several Buzz About Staffers and friends share photos taken during the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. We are happy to share smiles, and a few laughs!

Holly Lands Exclusive Interview


Portland, Oregon

Our very own Levo during the semifinal U.S. Women's soccer match, "Watching full screen at lunch break and then half-screen while I "should" be doing doing work..."

Lexington, Kentucky

Steve willing softball to return to the Olympic Games, plays a competitive game of his own!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lisa, from our interview's section, "I did some sort of somersault when Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings won their match against China sending them to the Gold Medal Match. I landed a quarter of an inch from furniture, so scored the somersault a ten!"

The Great State of Texas

From Sarah, "While the rhythmic gymnasts gracefully did their routines, I learned I should never try to copy them. Ribbons mean business, people!"

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Julia sports Buzz About gear while watching the U.S. Women's Soccer Gold Medal match!

New York, New York

While most of our staff was watching the U.S. Women's Soccer take Gold in their match against Japan, Vincent was hanging out with Janeane Garofalo!

Hatfield, Pennsylvania

From Bert, during the U.S. Women's Soccer final, "Unfortunately, Ranger was not impressed. I, on the other had, was glued to the edge of my seat." 

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