End of Summer Musings

Hello. My name is Holly. I have hobbies. Remember me?

Summers are insanely busy for me. I tend to hyper-(I know, right?)focus on my
work as a director of summer programs for kids with social challenges to the
exclusion of some of my biggest distractions (AKA hobbies).

To see what I've been up to this summer, take a look at this slideshow from our
summer camp! It is my love..my passion..my calling.


Now that the smoke of summer has cleared, I am in full-on distraction mode...and
happily so.

1. We headed to Seattle, WA to host our 4th Annual Raise the Roof Benefit for
Brandi Carlile's Looking Out Foundation. Earlier this year, Bert and I got
invited to be on the Board of Directors of the foundation as it transitioned
from a private charity to a public charity. Little did we know back in 2009 when
we first did this benefit for a group of AgainToday.com members and uber-Brandi
fans that we'd be watching Brandi sing Wild Horses while (THE) Mike McCready
played along on guitar. No big deal. HUGE DEAL.

 Plus, Brandi agreed to play a cover tune voted on by her fans ($1 per vote with
proceeds going to her charity). The winner, by a landslide, was Jolene by Dolly
Parton. It was brilliant.

Ultimately we raised just over $30,000 for the Looking Out Foundation. Also
check out the following organizations that were showcased that night and that
Looking Out Foundation will support financially over the next couple years:

The If Project (http://www.theifproject.com/)

Looking Out Across America (http://www.lookingoutacrossamerica.com/)

Why Hunger - Artists Against Poverty and Hunger (http://www.whyhunger.org/artists)

P.S. Brandi Carlile married her partner, Catherine Shepherd, on Saturday,
September 15th, in Boston, MA. All the best to them both!

2. Um, GLEE is back! I loved Kate Hudson's debut and I really am digging Marly.
She has an amazing voice. Looking forward to seeing how this season handles the
'high school' story lines and the "post high school' story lines. Missed seeing
Brittana in the first episode. Did not miss Finn, however. :)

3. The Voice is like crack. No, wait...Xtina is a train wreck that I can't turn
away from...and Adam Levine is yummy. My favorite, though, is Blake Shelton. I
love his goofiness. I want to be his friend. The blind auditions are my favorite
- mostly because contestants are chosen on vocal ability alone.

4. Who is watching the new show "Revolution"? Dare I say it hints a bit of The
Hunger Games ever so slightly?

5. Can't wait for the new Mumford and Sons album and I am really digging the
Avett Brothers' new album.

6. New music fave of the summer is Shovels and Rope. Check them out when you
can.  They hail from Charleston, SC (HOLLA!). They sweat more than any band I've
ever seen play live and it's because they sing their damn hearts out EVERY

7. I have a crush on The Property Brothers! That is all.

So, Little Hens...what have you been doing all summer? Fill me in. I missed you
all to pieces.

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