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I don't usually get involved tweeting musicians. But in June (the 30th, to be exact), I tweeted to the universe (and, well, Admiral Fallow) that Admiral Fallow needed to come to Philadelphia, simply because I really wanted them to (really, really). Let this post be a lesson that, sometimes, the universe comes through for you. Admiral Fallow came to Philadelphia's Johnny Brenda's on October 16th, and, after having listened to their sophomore release Tree Bursts in Snow for the better part of three months leading up to the show, I left in the early-morning hours even more excited about Admiral Fallow than when I entered.

Tree Bursts, released in the U.S. in May, follows their 2010 debut Boots Met My Face in admirable fashion, and their live show was equally split between the two albums. The quintet--Louis Abbott, Sarah Hayes, Kevin Brolly, Joe Rattray, and Philip Hauge--has a sound that's common among modern British folk-pop, but has both a lyrical and instrumental depth that separates them from the rest of the noise in their genre. "The Paper Trench," the first single from Tree Bursts, obviously has pulsing drums and strong, roaring guitars that add up to an infectious beat and an equally catchy hook in "Holy Moses, holy cow." But Tree Bursts combines strong drum, guitar, and bass lines with the clarinet, flute, keyboards, and complex lyrics, giving listeners a full, whole sound throughout the album. In its quieter moments, like the title track or on "Beetle in the Box", or in its more riotous ones, like the album's second single, "Guests of the Government," or "Brother," which was really fantastic to hear live with everyone getting into the percussion near the end of the song, Admiral Fallow proves that while five may be few, they can sound entirely mighty.

Tree Bursts in Snow is an album you'll love rocking out to for its sound, but also for the quality of the lyrical turns of phrase. Its songwriting and arrangement are complex, not gimmicky; it's real, honest music and Tree Bursts is an album you should not miss.

Tree Bursts in Snow is available now.

Admiral Fallow has limited U.S. tour dates remaining, and European dates forthcoming. Tour information can be found at:

But, don't worry: if you've missed them in the States this time around, I'll work on building up karma for my tweets forthcoming in 2013, when, hopefully, they'll be back.

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