Ten Random Pop Culture Musings


I have failed at updating my Little Hens here at thebuzzabout.com.

Life gets so busy sometimes and muddles my already scattered brain. It's not an
excuse for neglecting you...but, an explanation of sorts.

On that note, I hope this update finds you all happy, healthy and prepping for
the holiday season.

I have some random thoughts (big surprise, I know) that I want to share.

Hang on to your knickers, folks.

1. GLEE...Meh.

As one of Glee's (self-professed) biggest fans, I am underwhelmed with this
season. I miss the "old gang" and honestly can't stomach having Finn lead New
Directions. Having everyone break up in one early episode this season almost did
me in. However, this past week's Thanksgiving episode did bring some
satisfaction. The opening song, a perfect mash-up of Home/Homeward Bound, was
the highlight of the episode. And, I must confess, that I sort of love SJP
(shh...it is our little secret). Am so over whiney Blaine and (spoiler alert)
the promo for the NEXT episode was a shocker...can you say, "Blam"?

2. The Girl Who Knew Too Much

A gal I know through AgainToday.com's fan community is the web developer/master
for www.girlworldproject.org and she told me about a cool Kickstarter campaign
http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2300763/the-girl-who-knew-too-much-final-production?ref=card to help fund final production of The Girl Who Knew Too Much, a documentary by Scott Squire and Amy Benson. As I watched the video explaining this documentary
I was overwhelmed with a sense of sadness...and then a sense of duty.

Take a few minutes and watch the video and please spread the word (and even
donate a couple or more bucks to show your support if you are able):

The mind-blowing statistic that suicide is the #1 killer of young girls and
women of child bearing age in Nepal (and other parts of South Asia) was more
than I could bare. This documentary did not set out to shed light on this
epidemic initially. However, when one of the featured young women, Shanta,
committed suicide with only one year remaining before she'd graduated from high
school, the focus of this film changed. Shanta's story NEEDS to be told and this
film must be seen. Knowing that young girls and women are dying by their own
hands at such an alarming rate hurts my heart.

Please consider backing this campaign. You can certainly donate financially,
but, there may be more power in spreading the word. Use your social media super
powers to tell your friends/family about this project.

The Girl Who Knew Too Much (Twitter): @GirlKnewTooMuch
The Girl Who Knew Too Much (FB): https://www.facebook.com/GirlWhoKnewTooMuch?ref=ts&fref=ts

Thank you.

3. Pickled Okra - An Aquired Taste

In late September we stumbled upon a "new-fashioned, old-fangled" bluegrass band
called Pickled Okra. They were playing at a wedding we attended. Their authentic
clothing and sound captured my attention and drew me in. Check them out at
www.getokra.com and give them a listen

We'll be catching their Holiday Hoedown in Seattle on 12/5 - featuring our pal,
Brandi Carlile. Can't wait!

And, for the record, I don't like pickled okra (the food)...am more of a "fried
okra" gal.

4. She's Back!

That's right! Jonatha Brooke, my all-time favorite singer/songwriter, is back.
She's got a new website and a new project called "My Mother Has Four Noses". She
started a PledgeMusic campaign (with some pretty cool items for those who
donate) to get her new musical workshopped in NYC, the cast album recorded, etc. 

Read all about it here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/jonathabrooke?utm_campaign=project4830&utm_medium=project_badge&utm_source=unknown.

In the three days since the start of the campaign her fans have come out
full-force to help fund it. 146 backers have funded 39% of her project so far.

Please consider donating your time (share info through social media) and/or your
money. Jonatha is a sweetheart with the voice of an angel and one of the
wickedest senses of humor around. Thanks.

5. Wits

We listened to the live taping of a Minnesota Public Radio show called Wits
online Friday night. Maria Bamford (damn funny lady) and Brandi Carlile were the
guests. If you've been to radio show tapings or listened to "old school" radio
hours you can imagine how this all played out. The comedic skits and improv bits
were brilliant. And, who knew Brandi could hold her own against one of the best
funny ladies around.

Listen to the full podcast here: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/radio/programs/wits/2012/bamford-carlile.shtml

Watch a video of the Wits Game Show segment "None of Us Can Relate to That" with
Brandi and Maria here (IT IS HYSTERICAL):

6. Silver Linings Playbook

I am dying to see this film. Love Jennifer Lawrence. I plan on reading the book
during my travels to/from Seattle next week. Have any of you seen this film?
Read this book? Thoughts?

7. iPhone 5 (Yes. Please. And. Thank. You.)

I am eligible for an upgrade via AT&T now and I am dying to get an iPhone 5. I
am addicted to my smartphone. It's a problem...a blessing, but also a curse.
And, I am finding that this "smart" device is actually making me "dumber" in
some ways.

What did I do before I got a smartphone? The answer is...paid more attention to
other things, other people, to myself and my needs. Granted, without the
interwebs and technology I wouldn't know all of you lovely folks and wouldn't
have met people from around the world. It would be much more difficult to stay
in touch with my family and friends down in GA and SC. Still technology is
eating away at many of us...actually DISCONNECTING us on many levels.

Finding the balance between technology/the interwebs and being present in the
"here and now" is no easy task. How do you all find a balance between the two?

8. Gangnam Style...um...yea...there's that.

9. Let's Have a Kiki...huh? Had no idea this was even a song.

10. Happiest of holidays to you all wherever you are.

Start thinking about your resolutions for 2013 and we'll chat about them soon.

 I'll start...

In 2013 I resolve to focus (HARD for me to do) on being present and invested
more fully in those who are in my life....oh, and to floss regularly.

P.S. - Hugs are the best

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