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Cirque de la P!nk : Pink's Truth About Love Tour Review (Philadelphia)

Spectacular. That is, if I had to sum Pink's current tour, The Truth About Love, in one word.

Pink played to a sold out Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on March 17, 2013. "Hello Philly. I am glad to be home," Pink shouted over screaming fans. Pink acknowledged each of her parents in attendance at different points in the night. "When I am home my Mom makes me homemade s'mores and rice crispy treats. The s'mores are for me, but I brought a few rice crispy treats to share," Pink explained as she broke off pieces of the treats and handed them to adoring fans.

The hometown touches were special, but Pink's performance throughout her two hour set was extraordinary.

Pink took to the stage at 9:30pm and as she was waiving good night at 11:27pm one was left to shake your head and wonder how?

How does a performer leave an audience breathless with acrobatics, and showcase powerhouse vocals?

Some of Pink's most powerful, if not poignant vocals were on tracks like "Just Give Me A Reason," her duet with Nate Ruess, and "Family Portrait," her heart-wrenching tale of growing up in a broken home, accompanied only by pianist Jason Chapman as her family photos flashed on the video-screen. She took a similar approach to "Who Knew," swapping out the piano for the accompaniment of Justin Derrico's acoustic guitar.

What makes Pink's The Truth About Love Tour the concert event of 2013? The acrobatics, the elaborate stage with five video-screens directly above it (including a massive heart-shaped screen in the middle) plus one more on each side, the staircases and light posts, the crew of dancers, the five-piece band, the two backup singers? Yes. More specifically, Pink and company are enjoying themselves. Whether being slingshotted via bungee during the show's high energy opener, "Raise Your Glass," or being catapulted through an intricate harness system out into the audience (reaching the nose bleed seats at the back of the arena) like one badass Tinker Bell, Pink was smiling.

In the world of pop, Pink reigns supreme. Brilliant vocals, jaw dropping stunts, and Pink is true to her fans by continuing to stay true to herself. She is not over-packaged, nor so caught up with perfection that she loses her sense of being real. "No, I need to start from the beginning. I am not that talented to pick up where I stopped," Pink explained to Justin Derrico on acoustic guitar after she stopped her show when she spotted a ten year old girl crying in the audience. Pink passed the young girl a rice crispy treat and stuffed frog, and once the girl was smiling again, Pink restarted "Who Knew."

One badass Tinker Bell with heart, Pink leaves every ounce of her incredible talent on the stage.

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