Musicians and Fans: Pheed!

I am not very skilled in social media. I am a fairly private person, so perhaps that accounts for some reluctance. Our social media consultant is appalled that The Buzz About has less than one thousand tweets in nearly four years. I tweet one superbly talented musician, but that is because I recognize people I've beaten in wiffle ball. Luckily, we have contributors eager to Tweet, and post on Facebook about new music and concerts, or update about new content on The Buzz About website.  

Two weeks ago, I read about a fairly new social media service, Pheed. Launched in October 2012, Pheed takes many elements of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and incorporates them into one easy to use social media outlet.

Why should musicians care about posting content on yet another site? Pheed is unique in that it allows users to capture and post audio or video via the app. Yes, one can still post YouTube clips, but the ability to instantly capture and post a few cords of a new song, or a quick, "We are backstage and ready for you..." to fans, known as "subscribers" on Pheed is quick and painless. Pheed imposes no time limit to video or audio uploads. One has the ability to seamlessly share and/or connect Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Last week, we created a Pheed account for The Buzz About. As our social media guru reminds her mostly musically inclined clients, "Claim your name!"

I've posted to our Pheed, and I'm very impressed with the clean, easy to use interface, whether via computer or using Pheed's free iPhone app.

MySpace was a great place to hear demos or music clips (please forgive the archaic reference).

Pheed is the place for musicians. Share a quick snippet from a new song, a video from backstage, copyright a Pheed. Allow fans to read your Pheed, "Remix" (Pheed's version of retweeting), "love" a Pheed, leave "Pheedback," and use beloved hashtags.

One thing uniquely Pheed is one can charge subscribers to read or listen to their Pheeds. That is, if you want to charge to listen to a new song or watch a performance of a few songs, anyone can charge a fee. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though, Pheed is simply a great way for people, namely musicians and fans, to connect.

Let fans hear you in a new way, and interact through a new platform that incorporates all the great elements of the social media sites we have come to know and love.

Pheed can be found at

You can find The Buzz About:

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