Suzy and The Swizzle Sticks Debut

I would go to see Susan Werner sing the alphabet. Last night, in a quaint Pennsylvania town, Susan Werner served up top notch alphabet soup. Through cryptic Tweets, Werner alluded she was going to participate in a show at Puck, a small music venue in Doylestown, Pennsylvania on Monday night. Details? Notice? Devoted Werner fans are not worried about details, instead they follow their beloved songwriter on a whim.

Susan Werner has an eclectic, albeit genius back catalogue. She has garnered critical acclaim for records like I Can't Be New and The Gospel Truth, penning classic popular songs ready for a new great American songbook and an agnostic's gospel/bluegrass spin on the gospel, respectively.

An accomplished pianist, incredible lyricist whose live performances weave wit and musicality effortlessly, so what brings us to Suzy and The Swizzle Sticks? I'm not even sure Susan Werner knows.

Most recently touring in support of her latest album, Hayseed, Werner's theme was agriculture. Jazz, gospel, farming. Mix in a few classical pieces, and you begin to understand why Werner fans didn't raise an eyebrow when she toyed via Twitter she was going to be in PA to "catch" a new band.  

Fans found Werner on a Monday night in a basement venue perfectly suited for the debut of Suzy and The Swizzle Sticks. One walked down a few stairs to find a dimly lit room full of tables with a drum kit and keyboard facing one another in the center of the room. The actual stage was in the background, and remained unused for the night. Susan Werner put her on twist on covers from the 1970's and a few 80's classics. Songs made famous by The Eagles, "Heartache Tonight," Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop," "Welcome Back" (Welcome Back, Kotter's theme song), and even Dolly Parton were included in the set.

Susan Werner encouraged the audience to sing a long, and by the end of the evening, it was comfortable. Good comfortable. Werner sat in the middle of the room filled with tables of people who were comfortable with singing along with their table-mates, or settling in to listen with another glass of wine.

Werner joked throughout the night, "Ah, it's a little cheesy, no?" She asked people to find her on Facebook or Twitter and let her know what they thought of the night, the name, "Should Velveeta be mentioned?"

If The Adventures of Velveeta continue, count me in for another Suzy and The Swizzle Sticks performance.

Find Susan Werner on Facebook (, and Twitter (@swernermusic) for new, perhaps cryptic messages about possible future Suzy and The Swizzle Sticks' performances.

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