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Corner Readers, if you do one thing for yourselves this Spring (even though it's not technically Spring yet), read Steve Lopez's book The Soloist.

Last week I was on Spring Break, and I read this book to give myself a break from reading the books and articles for my dissertation. Odd, perhaps, but when I've officially lost the one channel I had (more on that later), I will turn to books that are way more fun than my dissertation.

If you like music and if you believe not only in its transformative powers, but also in the transformative power and possibility that results from genuine friendship, and genuine compassion for another human being, I can't recommend this book more.


I'm having a bit of trouble creating hyperlinks at the moment, but!  You can read a bit about the book, plus its excerpted prologue, and hear an interview courtesy of "Fresh Air" from NPR's Philadelphia affiliate, WHYY. It's also being adapted into a movie, which comes to theaters April 24th, and you can view the trailer courtesy of Apple. While I'll save my thoughts about the film trailer (and the film) for a later date, really, go pick up the book, read it, and tell me what you think.


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