May: Wherein I live out of a suitcase


Since 'round about April 23rd, which was the last teaching day of my semester, life's been busy and I've been travelling. The 23rd, I was in Philly for the Women Who Folk show at World Cafe Live (hi to everyone else who was there!), and then the 7th-11th I was travelling to and from Kalamazoo, Michigan (where my conference presentation went well, I might add, and my Mom and I had a lot of laughs on our midwest road trip!).

On Saturday evening, I'll be back in Philly, although, I'll be at the airport, getting ready to leave again.  This time, my travels take me abroad: from, well, landing the morning of the 17th until flying out the morning of the 25th, yours truly will be in various parts of Scotland and England.  I'll be in York, which excites me, as it is a medieval city. I'll take lots of pictures of that wall...

I'm excited about this trip: in deciding whether or not I could go (read: how much financial assistance they were willing to provide so I don't get too deep in debt), my parents reasoned, and rightly so, that I've never really gone anywhere.  This is true: when I was in college, and certainly while I've been in graduate school, I never really took a big trip for Spring Break or even over the summer.  Including the two times I've been to Canada, I've only been abroad three times in my life: the third was a rather whirlwind trip to London for an academic conference in 2005--I left Newark International airport at the crack of dawn on a Thursday and returned Sunday.  So, this trip counts, very much, as "going somewhere" and that's exciting.  It is, also, an experience for which I'm extremely grateful and thankful.

Not to worry: I plan on finishing a post I started over a week ago to put up either later today (Thursday) or Friday, so you'll (hopefully) not miss the corner too much.  I hope all you TBA-ers are having a lovely May and are eagerly looking forward to summer!


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