It was epic

TBAers, I've returned from travels abroad, and for those expecting a perfectly worded summary of my experience, I'll apologize first.  Words fail me when I try and think about ways in which to describe the nine days I spent in Scotland and England.  When I try and talk about it, I end up typically repeating the following two words, complete with an ellipsis, my favorite form of punctuation: "The color..."

Color: greens on green; greys on blues and whites; yellows on greens and browns against blues; flashes of color and vibrancy in gardens, be they Wordsworth's, Anne Hathaway's, or Shakespeare's... Growth. Life. Movement. And that pigeon perched on the rooftop across from my window in Edinburgh, where you looked out onto greys, blacks, and brick but in the distance saw rising green hills just waiting to be walked on, over, and around.  Color, lines created by colors blending, or the sun setting--what I saw, and, I suppose, how I saw it, was simply amazing.

Some would say, epic.

I'm thankful for my week of vacation for seeing new things that simply took my breath away, for lots of laughs with friends, for the club we started on our last night in London that still doesn't have a name, for our commemorative t-shirts that are in the works, for moments to just feel wonder at that which was around me.

The photo accompanying this post is one from Edinburgh. While it doesn't necessarily capture all the color I saw (yellow, for instance, is largely absent), it is one of my favorites for my attempt to capture color and lines, and the amazingness of it all.


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