Do Something Nice for Yourself: Watch This.


While TBA is a hodgepodge (I really liked using that word just now) of many different interests, we do aim mostly at music, and I think it's high time I make a worthwhile contribution to the cause of music appreciation.

I'll do this at the moment not through my own critique of something, nor through digging up archived episodes of my radio show when I was five, but rather through three truly fantastic music critics by way of Sulimay's, a diner in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.

I first heard of these folks on July 5th on NPR during my drive back from the Philly Phyzz Fest, and I immediately exclaimed, to absolutely no one other than myself, that I didn't care if it took two weeks of getting up at the crack of dawn and finding my way to Sulimay's and eating my weight in pancakes every morning, I will meet these three.  And, surely, that Ann will become my bestest best friend out of the three.  But what Iiked most about these three and the Breakfast at Sulimay's show (besides the breakfast part), is how honest and unfiltered they are in their assessments.  They're willing to give it a chance, but then they're also willing to speak their mind. And, at least Raphael Saadiq is appreciative.

Posted below is the most recent, and, if I may be allowed an editorial comment, clearly Ann's Best Dressed, episode (leopard print sleeves AND a feathery head thingy?! Love it!!).  Want to see more of Fishtown crew? Find the Breakfast at Sulimay's series here, courtesy of  Woodshop Films.  I will toss out the caution that sometimes the language of the reviewers is, well, brash. So if little ones are about, you might want for them to cover their ears.


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