Today, Corner readers, I have had A Day


We've all had days like these (Momma said, after all). The kind of day where one of your students is out with the H1N1 flu and you're left to wonder when they got sick to try and determine when you'll get sick, if, in fact, you will get sick and two other students are out with various plague-like symptoms (or mono, but really, "plague-like" sounds more medieval, and, naturally, is my preference). The kind of day where you try and get across to 42 people how very fascinating the passage from Monica Ali's Brick Lane is with Nazneen and the snow globes and they look at you blankly, or like you care way too much about a silly passage about a snow globe and are doubtful of its transformative powers. And the kind of day where you have to pay $204.26 to replace the motor actuator in your driver's side door so it will lock and you don't have to ride around with the door panel in your backseat. But you have to wait an hour and a half for a repair that takes only tw enty minutes.

Although, I must say, riding around with the door panel in my backseat and having the inside of my driver's door just metal and frightfully thin pieces of foam really makes me fit into my neighborhood better.

In between my last post (on the 29th of September?!) and today, I've, well, taught more, graded more, dissertated more, and seen a few more shows (among them, Brandi Carlile, Big Bad VooDoo Daddy, Sister Hazel, and Nervous But Excited, to name a few). And I'm looking forward to seeing Gregory Alan Isakov, Christine Havrilla, Natalia Zukerman, and Erin McKeown (oh, Erin).

But then I got to thinking: if I could see one song performed live that I've missed out on, what would it be?

My answer: Louis Prima's "Pennies from Heaven".

To say that I adore that song is a bit of an understatement. Whenever I have a case of the slumps or am having A Day (such as today) or it's Christmastime (which, if you live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is always, in a manner of speaking), Prima's song is my go-to song. The combination of Prima's gravelly voice, his banter with his saxophonist, the saxophone and trumpet solos all add up to two minutes and twenty seconds (give or take) of, well, heaven for me. It's a song that makes me smile not matter how difficult a day has been, and when a day's been fantastic, the song makes it feel even more so. The song is how a great day should feel.  It's a song that, perhaps because of its inclusion in the movie "Elf" starring Will Farrell (a movie I happen to love, in part because of this clip), makes me feel excited about Christmas like I was five again, and not living in a city where it's Christmas all the time. And it's a song that whenever it's on, wherever it's on, I simply cannot sit still during, which has led to some interesting moments in public places.

So, what's yours, Corner readers? It's been awhile since I've asked anything, so, if anyone has been waiting on the edge of their seats, now's your chance!


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