Post, at last...


I know, I know, I know: where the harry have I been, anyway?!

Well, I'd like to say that I was off fulfilling my Year of Yes, or traveling the world, or doing something even remotely exciting as those things, I can't. And, while I did say yes on Saturday a few times and then for pistachio baklava (my first! It was so much goodness in my mouth I could hardly stand it!), things haven't been all adventure. But I can say I saw Meg Hutchinson (at the beginning) and Rose Cousins (at the end) of my Spring Break which was, oh, three weeks ago.

And then, I got The Message: "Well, we could archive the Corner and put it back when you've time...".

Dear readers, I exist only in one archive, and that's in my college's library, in a locked, climate controlled room.

I can assure you, if anyone's still reading and waiting, that I'm alive and well. I'm still working on yes. And I promise to still write, and lots, especially since I recently rediscovered an email in my inbox from ten months ago wherein I was asked to blog lots.

Hopefully, you're still reading. And I hope you all know that all of us here at TBA appreciate your patience as the site gets switched around a bit. It's strange, writing into a kind of void, where I'm not sure if anyone's reading, hoping to read, or even paying attention. But I'm glad to be back. And I promise it won't ever be this long in coming again.


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