My Three Sons and My ‘Hood

Two lawyers, and one music producer = shipping Mom and Dad off to Boca in their golden years? Not in our family. I looked forward to the days I would stroll the shops in South Florida, admiring the 80 + year olds and their Botox. Look what I'm missing, she looks markedly different:

I live in the North East, and about six years ago my son (eldest lawyer) thought it wise if he moved my hubby and I closer to his family. We now live in the same neighborhood, and while seeing the grandkids is wonderful, I do not understand the neighborhood. After six years in my nice (and it is very nice, I am grateful) cookie-cutter home, I do not know one of my neighbors.

When we moved in, I crossed the street and introduced myself to my neighbor while she was picking up her mail. We exchanged pleasantries, and I thought we’d soon be hosting “Dancing with the Stars” viewing parties. As it turns out, the “neighbor” I met was the homeowner’s housekeeper, who shortly thereafter moved to Florida. We still keep in touch via mail, yes kids, a hand written note, complete with an envelope and a postage stamp.

Back to my neighborhood: I’d love to know where everyone is! We have a number of children in our neighborhood, but they are never outside to play. I catch a glimpse of them as they depart their school bus, and quickly disappear. It’s as if the “Child Catcher” from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang rides through our streets. (I always hated this part of the movie):

My son (lawyer # 2) tells me, “It’s the way of the world today, Mom. Everyone works, many kids are inside on their computers, etc.”

Well, I don’t like it. I’m no June Cleaver, but a wave would be a treat. I’d like to hang a clothes line (see post below) with the hope of meeting some folks, but the damn homeowners' association forbids it.

Since everything must be scheduled: Let’s set a date! On Saturday 3/21/09, TBA readers, if you see one neighbor as you drive by their house, or walk your dog - give them a little wave and maybe a smile.

Ah, a reminder, if any of my neighbors are reading:

Till next time...

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