Post the First: An introduction to what this Buzz is about

I've spent a lot of time thinking about what this first post should be about-this is my first official entry into the blog world and, in spite of assurances that I could write whatever popped into my head, I'd really not like to screw it up.  So, an introduction to the buzz on this corner and its auctor (just for you, Officemate!):

First, the blog: As mentioned above, it will be about whatever pops into my head. Some days, I promise you, these tidbits will be incredibly random and will more than likely provide some head-scratching, "Where did she come up with this?!" moments. For that, I apologize. Also, fair warning that I might not transition all that well-non-sequiturs should not always be feared-but this will not cause some sort of global collapse, in spite of what some members of my former dissertation committee thinks. So "whatever pops into my head" could be anything to education, politics, art, literature, dare I touch music?, pop culture, my disdain over the current price of milk at the grocery (something I lament often), truly trashy TV (I'm talking "The Real Housewives of Orange County," or Atlanta, pending reruns, not JTV), or NPR stories.  And that's only a partial list.

Second, me: Currently, I'm working my way towards a Ph.D. in English literature, focusing on literature of the late medieval period. One of the best things about my field, besides the fact that medievalists are known for their love of alcohol, is that Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog and I love reading it. "If it ain't Bolin'broke" cracks me up everytime...

Other more fun facts: I love great conversation and great conversationalists. I only get one television channel regularly, and that's PBS and it makes me sad when they have membership drives and I lose the four shows I usually watch.  My parents are fantastic people, truly.  I still call my teammates from college my teammates and would still do anything for them.  In spite of often referencing my Officemate, we're actually not officemates anymore.  I absolutely love the city of Philadelphia.  My favorite academic phrase lately, borrowed from my Officemate, is " I understand it...".  I graduated from a women's college and will correct you if you call it a "girls' school".  I often use the British method of punctuation and do not include periods within the closed quotation mark. The only time I'll ever eat marshmallows if they're in smores.  I have absolutely no idea how to use Microsoft Excel. I've only ever ran down the street after someone once in my life, and I have no idea if it would have made a good movie clip.  I have a list of documentaries I want to see. My friends are truly like family to me. I think the Cosi in Center Valley pales in comparison to the one on 12th and Walnut in Philly for various reasons. I have a list of restaurants I want to eat at. I am addicted to magazines. I love Wawa coffee.  And, I'm really, really looking forward to this blog.

In thinking about the title for this blog (I'm obsessed with titles), I find it not only fitting for its alliteration but also for the fact that currently, I live on a corner.  Many thanks to the folks at BuzzAbout for providing me this space; I truly appreciate it and am very excited to write for it.  And for the few sets of eyes that find it, welcome and I look forward to the banter.

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-Laura Bush and Condi Rice strongly defend W's legacy against critics calling his administration one of the worst in history. Good luck girls!

-Don't mess with the O! Oprah fooled by Herman Rosenblat's memoir Angel at the Fence. Berkley Books canceled Rosenblat's memoir Saturday after appearing on Oprah's show. Disgraceful lies, but I would not want to face Oprah's wrath.

-Who are the people that watch shows like "Mama's Boys"? One more reality show and I think I'll barf. The network execs cancel a good show like Boston Legal (current, funny, great actors) for another show for the dumb set. I'll take The Daily Show, Colbert Report, New Christine, 30 Rock (love Tina Fey) The Office, Keith Oberman and Rachel Maddow. I miss Tina on SNL, and now Amy is leaving for her own show!

As for Tina Fey, I was PPI = Pre-Palin Impression.

-Currently, I  am listening to Sarah  McLachlan's "Closer the Best of Sarah McLachlan," luv it. For all you longing for another Lilith Fair, or simply a fan of one of the most prolific songwriters of a generation, buy the Deluxe Edition hardcopy. I know, I know - iTunes, but treat yourself to the real deal while CDs are still around!

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