Streaming Buzz: KinderAngst featuring Debbie Harry


A rockin’ children’s album that parents will love as well, KinderAngst uses the spirit of punk rock and a cast of vivid characters to deliver smart, witty and engaging songs for kids. Created by respected singers/multi-instrumentalists Palmyra Delran and Rachelle Garniez, KinderAngst channels rock icons from The Ramones to The Shangri-Las to David Bowie. KinderAngst gently addresses the universal growing pains of childhood from the perspective of children. Whether it’s dealing with friendships, parental discipline or struggling with individuality, these songs encourage children to openly engage with their emotions, giving them the strength to grow from these experiences because the kids of KinderAngst do. Preview each song over at

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Linda's Biweekly Buzz Artists

Some old, some new, some touring near you...

Michael Kiwanuka - “I’m Getting Ready”

Good Old War - “Coney Island” (live & acoustic)

The Weepies - "World Spins Madly On"

The Weepies - "Can't Go Back Now"

Dry the River - “Lovin’s for Fools” (cover) by Sara Siskind

Sea of Bees (Julie Ann Baenziger) - “Broke”

Grace Woodroofe - “I’ve Handled Myself Wrong”

Milk Carton Kids - “Permanent”

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This Buzz For You: The Ready Stance

Bands that sound like The Gaslight Anthem or The Hold Steady, that American indie rock sound, whether they be from New Jersey or Brooklyn, are not really hard to come by these days. And with a crowded field, it takes something a bit extra to not sound like just another indie rock band.

If you take only a cursory listen to Damndest, the debut release from the Cincinnati band The Ready Stance, you may be tempted to toss it in the pile of "same as it ever was." But going through the album, you realize that the weight of Damndest lies in its lyrical content coupled with guitar riffs that hit their stride and instrumental work that becomes more complex and layered. The marrying of well-crafted lyrical stories and complex instrumental layer is perhaps best exhibited on "Steamship Moselle," the band's take on an historical 1831 maritime explosion and an ill-fated minister and his (miraculously) dry Bible. These aren't just song to bang your head to, if you're into that kind of thing.

There is plenty that makes The Ready Stance's debut album rock--you don't have to listen far into tracks like the album's opener, "Rancho Christo" or "Wrecking Ball," the first single, to hear how well the guitars of Wes Pence and Chase Johnston and Eric Moreton's drumming, or how, on "Little Carmel" Randy Cheek's bass drives the song, would lend to a live show that shouldn't be missed.

Damndest represents earnest American rock grounded in thoughtful, critical lyrics that make you think about what you're rocking out to. And that is well worth the listen.

You can find out more about The Ready Stance at their site:

Damndest is available now.

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Spring Forward...and Summer is Around the Corner

First let me apologize for not posting sooner. Things have been in high gear
here lately.

A few things/updates...

1. True friends never fail.

I spent the Memorial Day Weekend in Asheville, NC with some of my closest
friends from college. We've known one another since the late 80s and we've been
through so much together and individually in those 20+ years. One thing holds
true...we will always be friends. We may not fundamentally agree on every issue,
but I know that these women support me 110%. I am forever grateful our paths
crossed in college. Here are a few photos from the weekend.

Sunset at The Biltmore Estate

View from The Grove Park Inn

Hot tub at our Spa with a mountain view

2. Brandi Carlile's new album, Bear Creek, comes out on June 5th. She turns 31 on June 1st. Going to be a big year for her and us. Cant wait to share details about her charitable foundation, The Looking Out Foundation, and the changes she is making so that her fans and the band can be empowered to advocate for causes on the local, national and international level. So excited to see this foundation evolve into one of "action" v. one that simply filters funds to causes. Check out Brandi's new album. I am anxious to hear what you think of it. The band took some risks stylistically that some may not expect. Lyrically this album is their strongest. Just my two cents!

3. Summer season is fast-approaching and my life is about to get INSANELY busy. Luckily I love my job and find my work rewarding and inspiring. Not sure most people can say that about their jobs. I am so lucky and grateful. Our organization had its first Community Day and we had a great turnout. I made s'mores from 10am-2pm and the families and kids loved it. As for me, I could never eat another s'more again and be just fine. See a recap of our Community Day here

Another event that I was so excited about was our first Mother's Day Weekend
Retreat which offered a valuable respite for moms and families of kids with
special needs. We had 27 campers, ages 10-20, who had a blast at Camp HOPE's
90-acre property. See a recap here
and link to local media coverage of it here

Did I mention that I love my job?

 I love the Life is Good motto and live by it: Do what you love. Love what you

4. Glee.

The season finale made me weepy, but I was frustrated (yet again) by the power
the writers give to the male characters - particularly Finn. Not sure if
everyone has seen this season's finale, but I must say I was underwhelmed by the
lack of story time they gave to Santana and to Brittany and to
Santittany/Brittana. Don't get me started. I do love the Graduation Glee album,
though. Great song choices. What say you, TBA Gleeks?

5. Cayamo 2013 - check it out! We will be on the boat this go 'round after not
going in 2012! For more info, visit!This cruise is like a music
festival on the water, but without the port-o-johns, muddy mosh pits,
sweaty/stinky fans. So, much fun!

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This Buzz For You: Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson claims he's not cool. Or, at least the title of one of his songs does. But chock full of pep-y, pop-y, singer-songwriter-style folk, his sophomore release, Living Up Moving Down, is an earworm of an album, with its toe-tapping/head bopping beats, stylistic instrumental blends, and catchy melodies that proves otherwise. Think part energy and styling of Jason Mraz, with a bit of Brett Dennen and a dash of Mayer Hawthorne thrown in for good measure, and your ears are in for a treat.

Approaching his second album, Hutchinson knew he wanted to make a record full of songs with which people could sing along. To that end, Living Up Moving Down does not disappoint. It's first single, "Watching You Watch Him," has a catchy beat you can't help but tap a foot to, in spite of the lyrics themselves being painfully realistic, as well as a pretty sweet requinto jarocho solo. "Watching" is a good microcosm of what Hutchinson's album does well: forcing you to not take the pop sound superficially, as lyrical and instrumental layers show that this album isn't just another pop record like all the other pop records. "The Basement," inspired by Northampton, Massachusetts' own club of the same name, pays tribute to Hutchinson's own musical influences, complete with Tina Turner-esque shrill. Living Up Moving Down does slow things down, albeit only once, on "Breakdown More," the album's only ballad, for a nice change of pace before you get right back to the party.

The Moving Up Living Down tour continues throughout May and June across the U.S. Having caught Hutchinson's sold-out, all-ages show at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on May 6th, I can say that you won't want to miss him live, should he come to a city near you. It's great fun and good energy that's not to be missed--nor is bass player Andrew Perusi's really impressive hair. Trust me on that one.

For tour information, check out Eric's website:

Moving Up Living Down is available now on iTunes, across geographic formats.

Want more Eric Hutchinson? He sat down for a chat with TBA's own Lisa. Check back for that, and a bit of footage from his World Cafe Live show, soon!

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