TBA's "5 in 5" Interview with Erin McKeown

1) Your 2007 release, "Lafayette," contains fan favorites performed live. Did you handpick the songs that made it to the album?

EM: I did!  We created the album from 2 nights of music.  The shows were part of the CD release tour for my 2007 album, "Sing You Sinners", which was a collection of funny and obscure swing tunes.  I had put together a killer band (with horn section) for the shows, and I thought, I should record this!   I made a set-list for each night that balanced the CD release show with some older favorites for a live album. We took the best songs from each night and wove them together to feel like one show.

2) Can we ask for a possible target date for your new album? Five words that describe the forthcoming release?

EM: Ooh, target dates are tough to come by around here :)  But i will say "summer".  Five words that describe:   new orchestral electronic intimate adventure.

3) Last book you read? Video games vs. board games?

EM: "Fourth Uncle in the Mountain"- the story of a young man in Vietnam during the war. His father trains him to be a practicing traditional healer- expert in acupuncture, Chinese herbs, meditation, and magic. its amazing! BOARD GAMES all the way... I don’t play video games at all, just simply uninterested. But I love chess, Scrabble, Boggle, Monopoly, and Taboo. (is Taboo a board game? I think so!)

4) You co-wrote  "For Every Drop," on Sonya Kitchell's latest release, "This Storm." It's a wonderfully written song, performed by a great young talent.  What other new artists, or musicians in general are you listening to and what was the first concert you ever attended?

EM: The first concert I attended was...   this is embarrassing:  New Kids On The Block at RFK stadium. I think I was in 5th or 6th grade. can you believe it?    Right now, I am enjoying Andrew Bird's "Noble Beast", Juana Molina's "Un Dia", Todd Sickafoose's "Tiny Resistors", Debussy piano works, and jazz piano player Phineas Newborn, JR.

5) Create your own question. (It's a chance to ask and answer a question you've wished an interviewer would ask). Alternatively, what is a non-profit (or two) closest to your heart?

EM: There are two non-profits I like to bring more attention to:::

AS220, Rrovidence RI (www.as220.org) is a gallery, performance space, work / live studio complex right in the heart of downtown. It offers open and unjuried access to resources for Rhode Island artists. I lived there for 3 years, and its where I learned how to be an artist.

The Institute For Musical Arts, Goshen MA (near Northampton) (www.ima.org) is a performance space, camp, and recording studio made by and for women artists.  In the summer they do 4 sessions of rock and roll girls camp. In the off season they host performances and workshops on everything from technical recording techniques to songwriting to activism for women of all ages and skill levels.

thanks for asking!

x erin mckeown


Thanks to Erin McKeown for participating in TBA's "5 in 5!" Everyone on TBA's staff has seen Erin perform live at least one time. (Yes, from 27 to 72 years of age, and in all different regions of the US). Her albums are superb, and her live performances are brilliant. Erin is an extremely gifted musician. While there are many young talented singer/songwriters we enjoy, Erin possesses the all too rare quality of pushing musical boundaries and not being locked into one genre. Unique, multi-faceted vocals, coupled with her prowess on guitar, make each Erin McKeown album and live performance different and not to be missed! We strongly encourage you to visit Erin's website for upcoming tour dates, and more information on her albums, etc.

- The TBA Team

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