TBA's "5 in 5" Interview with Brandi Carlile

1) You have a new album in the works: Can you share a possible release date, and a few thoughts about the new music?

BC: yeah we're just finishing up!  I'm not sure of the release date but I'm hoping late summer. this music is really reckless.  if i had to compare it to the story i would say it was a lot more extreme.

2) You will set sail on the Cayamo Cruise (again) in late February, what do you do during your down time? Who's the better gambler, you or Shawn Colvin?

BC: yes! i loved the cayamo cruise last year and I'm excited I get to go again. i read out on the balcony and slam cups of coffee in the morning...but i really just go to shows all day and see people play, that's really my favorite part. and shawn is better because she doesn't drink!

3) What musicians are you currently listening to, and what's the last concert you attended?

BC: I'm currently listening to this new artist i love named "gregory allen isakov" from Colorado.  I'm completely enamoured with him and his record is due out on vanguard next month!

the last concert i attended was Amy Ray...my favorite.

4) Guilty pleasure(s)?

BC: guilty pleasure is giving my 19 month old unsuspecting niece lemons just to crack myself up when she makes the sour face!

she really does like them though...i think..hmmm maybe she thinks it's an orange

5) Create your own question. (It's a chance to ask and answer a question you've wished an interviewer would ask). Alternatively, what does your Looking Out Foundation mean to you?

BC: the Looking Out Foundation means a whole lot to me and the twins as it's giving us a chance to look outside of ourselves without political

barriers and just provide assistance to where there is need.

it means we get to help with the help of our fans and supporters...were always open to suggestions too!




We thank Brandi Carlile for participating in our "5 in 5" interview. She is most gracious to step out of "studio mode" for a few minutes, and answer our questions. We strongly encourage you to visit Brandi Carlile, for upcoming tour dates and all that is Brandi! She is an uncompromising musician, and a true gift to music lovers. Her albums contain some of the best music to come out of the new/next generation of singer/songwriters. (Credit must be given to the entire Brandi Carlile Band.) We recommend you see Brandi live - you'll be hooked. Her fans follow her throughout the US and abroad. We wish Brandi, and the entire band luck with their new album and the Looking Out Foundation.

On a personal note, we must acknowledge all the people involved in Brandi's music: The Brandi Carlile Band, her manager Mark, and the rest of the "team" - from years of experience, it's not always the case to have an amazingly giving, gracious, and caring group of people assembled.

All our best,

JL for The Buzz About

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