TBA's "5 in 5" Interview with Melissa Ferrick

1) Three words to describe your latest release, "Goodbye Youth," and three must-have items (other than the essentials) while on the road?

1. Bare

2. Immediate

3. Fearless


- pillow from home

- pictures of family

- french press

2) Who are you listening to, and what was the first concert you ever attended?

Listening to Emmylou Harris

First concert: Culture Club

3) Favorite childhood television shows and/or activities?

Little House on the Prairie and The Price is Right favorite shows.

Flashlight tag favorite game.

4) We've heard you speak about playing Tiger Woods '09 on your PS3 on your downtime at home: Do you prefer video games over board games? Can you give us a few favorites, and just how well do you score on Tiger Woods '09?

well.. Tiger Woods 09 I am currently in 2012 season.. that's how much i play. i can't wait til August when 2010 comes out.

i LOVE scrabble and cribbage.

5) Create your own question. (It's a chance to ask and answer a question you've wished an interviewer would ask). Alternatively, what's a non-profit organization near and dear to you and why?

the question i rarely get asked is a plain and simple: "how are you?"

usually interviews are very "bio" oriented and about my current record.. less about how i am and what's up?

so the answer right now is: really good today. i slept terrible last night.. it's incredibly windy here and i forgot to take my acid reflux medication yesterday, so my stomach was killing me :)


We thank Melissa Ferrick for participating in our "5 in 5" interview. Each Melissa Ferrick performance is truly unique, as she showcases her incredible overall musicality. We encourage you to check out Melissa Ferrick for information about upcoming tour dates, and her latest album, "Goodbye Youth."

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